Feel Secure with Cloud Hosting

Let’s understand the meaning of Cloud Hosting.

Here, the word ‘cloud’ means a large cluster of computing technology which is owned by a large enterprise. Thus Cloud Hosting is an enterprise-class of web hosting or you can say a website hosted on clustered servers where online operations are not concentrated to a single server, demands for performance and high availability of the website or web services.

Cloud Hosting is a new hosting solution which is suitable for applications such as Web2.0 services, SaaS (Software as a Service) and Virtual data center. The hosting is a style of computing that combines the features of distributed computing and virtualization so that an on-demand computing via a network of computers working as together one.

The software safety aspect for keeping everything hosted, where regular backups and upgrades to software are there to maintain all your information. This is something which doesn’t secure your PC, a lot of information gets lost when upgrades occur.

In a virtual environment, load balance, security, and hardware resource are handled. All the data that you create and use within Cloud computing applications and processes are stored on the Internet and not on one computer. So you can use the application and the data from anywhere as long as you have access to the Internet.

This hosting service enables you to upload your web applications and associated data to the hosting service. Your web application is distributed across a cluster of servers. As your web applications as well as associated data are hosted by the cluster, so any failure or downtime on any one of the servers do not affect your applications. You get the advantage from the levels of bandwidth, storage and processing power designed for applications.

There is a service provider who decides which sites need bandwidth and processing power by detecting how much traffic they are receiving in real time. Thus lots of space capacity available in the system by this set up.

Now, we hope you understand well about the concept of Cloud Hosting. Its main advantage is its ability to scale by adding more servers to the grid. You will find more articles on Cloud hosting on the same site.