Features of SEO PowerSuite tools

SEO PowerSuite Software is for webmasters those who want to increase their own websites’ rankings and to keep the history of their optimization activities. To use the software to optimize and promote other websites, the Enterprise version licenses you for that and to make data from the software available to a third party in custom brand reports.

Most version based limitations are common for all tools included in SEO PowerSuite.

Following are the general features of SEO PowerSuite tools

Maximum number of keywords: You can promote your pages with many keywords as you choose. If you want to get more cash generating visitors then you have to target more keywords.

Maximum number of WebPages or websites: If you want to promote more and more pages then SEO PowerSuite software do not put restrictions.

Saving projects: It saves your search engine optimization projects to your local hard drive quickly. Then it opens projects and transfer project files from one computer to another.

Emailing reports to clients: With the help of SEO PowerSuite tools your clients or colleagues chose to receive reports by email in matter of seconds.

Printing client reports: Software reports can be saved in the industry as standard Adobe PDF format is efficient for making printouts. To demonstrate the progress of your SEO activities, present the branded reports as a hard copy to your client.

Exporting data: You can export any data on keywords, backlinks, rankings or website content in the formats like .html, .sql, .txt, .csv. Whereas the .html format is good for browser viewing and .sql, .txt and .csv import the data easily into a database

Emailing reports to clients: If your colleagues or clients chose to receive reports by email, SEO PowerSuite tools can do this in few seconds.

Supporting search engines’ API keys: Every part of SEO PowerSuite supports Google, Bing API keys and Yahoo! Which makes you sure that your software does not violate any of these search engines’ policies.

Publishing reports to the Web: Publish the software report to the Web instantly, from the SEO PowerSuite tools. You can quickly upload reports via FTP to your website to make them available online.

Data migration to spreadsheets: Can easily copy data on your keywords, rankings or backlinks to your favorite spreadsheet for analysis, processing or printing.
Human Emulation: It delays between search engines queries and while performing mass search engines queries, let the software simulate human behavior.

Random User Agents rotation: This software rotates different user agents to imitate the use of several browsers. In this you pretend that your search engine queries are made by different persons which prevent you from violating Google policies.

Work from behind proxies: You can set the software to work from behind a proxy by hiding your identity to make you sure that your work with software is search engine friendly.

So, these all are the features of SEO PowerSuite Software. Now, we hope you understand the features of SEO PowerSuite Software.