Features that Make SmarterMail a Smart Alternative to Microsoft Exchange

Businesses looking for an alternative to Microsoft Exchange find SmarterMail a better next generation mailing solution. The highly customizable and scalable solution is preferred for stability, less maintenance cost, and resource efficiency. The blog gives an overview of SmarterMail email hosting features that are beneficial for small, mid, and large scale enterprises.

Smartermail email hosting


  • Webmail – SmarterMail comes with an intuitive and easy to use Webmail to give users an instant access to email.
  • Instant Messaging – SmarterMail provides secure, private, and instant communication across the organization. Users can use their own instant messaging desktop client such as Digsby or mobile clients to have secure, instant, and reliable access to anyone in the organization.
  • Desktop/Mobile Sync – SmarterMail provides seamless synchronization across many desktop applications, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • User Collaboration – Sharing and collaborating calendars, notes, contacts, and tasks within the organization and across group of users within the organization gets easier with SmarterMail.
  • Interface – Web interface of SmarterMail allows you to send and receive emails and collaborate messages irrespective of your location or the device in use. Web Surface Interface also supports different syncing methods including EAS, POP, IMAP, XMPP, and more to provide more flexibility to the user.


  • Calendar – The feature lets the user create multiple calendars, show task dates, mention work hours, manage conference rooms in a better way, and do a lot more of time management and information sharing tasks efficiently.
  • Contacts – Each and every communication the user had with a contact is available on email and IMs. You can even get information about attachments and scheduled appointments exchanged with a contact.
  • Tasks – Create tasks to keep a track of everything from long-term assignments, purchase list, due dates, task completion percent, and status updates. It also lets you prioritize the tasks.
  • Device Compatibility – SmarterMail syncs all the notes, emails, calendars, tasks, and contacts. It is compatible with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync that allows real-time native synchronization with push technology.


  • Multi-layer Spam Prevention – The features provides 97 percent protection from spam and data theft worries. SmarterMail comes with support for SSL/TLS encrypted connection, active directory integration, intrusion detection, and many more features.
  • Message Sniffer – The antispam scanner gets updated regularly on the server. Message Sniffer identifies spams, viruses, scams, and other email related malware before it reaches the inbox of the user.

The scalable business email and collaboration server, SmarterMail meets the communication needs of all types and sizes of business. If you wish to integrate this highly scalable and customizable email solution, which is a smart alternative to Microsoft Exchange, i2k2 Networks is the name to trust. Feel free to get in touch with us at +91- 9711774040 or +91-120-466 3031.