Exploring the Benefits of AWS Data Migration Service

Exploring the Benefits of AWS Data Migration Service

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is Amazon’s cloud service which provides platforms and APIs to various consumers such as individuals, organizations, and governments. It offers a wide variety of services and features including database technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), and more. The robustness of Amazon Database Services allows for faster, simpler, and cost efficient transfer of existing data and applications to the cloud. Continuing on the topic, we present six key benefits of using AWS Web Hosting services.

Key Benefits of AWS Data Migration Service

1. User Friendliness

Migration to AWS is a hassle-free process as AWS Migration Services are easy to install and do not require any additional drivers or applications. Changes to the source database, which are seldom required, are minimal. AWS Data Migration can be initiated in a few quick clicks in the designated console and is entirely monitored by the Database Migration Service. Amazon Database Services are also popular for the ease with which continuous data replication is performed.

2. Zero Downtime

Amazon’s Database Services migrate your databases with absolutely no downtime. The database is completely operational during the process of migration as any changes to the source database are continuously replicated. The database can be switched according to your convenience after migration as the target database remains synchronized to the source database.

3. Heterogenous Migrations

AWS Migration Services are compatible with almost all conventional commercial and open source database formats. Both homogeneous migrations (migrations between same database platforms) and heterogeneous migrations (migrations between different database platforms) are supported by Amazon Database Services. Your data is continuously replicated and remains easily accessible as databases are consolidated into a petabyte-scale data warehouse.

4. Cost Effectiveness

Amazon ensures that its AWS Server Migration Services and other AWS Web Hosting services are cost-effective. Only the computer resources utilized during the migration process are charged for both types of migration – homogeneous and heterogeneous. AWS Premium Support provides access to resources from a physical server, giving you a highly economical value for money solution along with superior user experience.

5. Efficiency

Hosting applications in AWS and AWS Consulting provide businesses with resources to instantly initiate migration tasks and manage them. This is done by establishing connections between the source and target databases and selecting instances to oversee the data migration process. AWS Web Hosting services are designed to boost the performance of applications and websites according to your needs.

6. Dependability

Amazon’s Database Services are highly self-sufficient and resilient. All aspects of data migration processes such as databases and connections are continuously monitored. Any errors are easily recoverable without loss in data or progress. Redundant replication of instances permits migration and continuous replication of data. AWS enforces strict security measures and ensures that your data, websites, and databases are not shared with other accounts and are risk-free.

Final Words

AWS Data Migration Services offer a high return on your investment while providing reliable, easily customizable, efficient, and flexible data migration and web hosting services. Our AWS consulting experts at i2k2 help transform your business with cutting edge solutions through our vast range of services including fully managed web hosting, dedicated cloud based servers, security assessments and colocation services. To discuss more about AWS Data Migration Service and its benefits with our specialists, simply call +91 120 466 3000 or write to us at support@i2k2.com. You can also fill out our contact form and we will get back to you.