Even if your data is stored in the Cloud, you need to Back it Up

Necessity of Data Backup

Reading the service-level agreement (SLA) before disaster while considering any cloud service provider is the best safety measure to back-up the mission-critical data and application. Users must never rely only on their cloud service provider for the fault-tolerant data storage as it does not completely account for the data safety. Data loss can occur through various means including user error, or malicious destruction of data leaving organizations in complete chaos.

According to a survey, 62% of users among 1000 IT professionals use Microsoft Office 365, out of which 40% denied the usage of any third-party backup software for their O365 deployments. The reports even depicted that deleted emails are not backed up and are kept in Recycle Bin for a maximum of 93 days before getting completely deleted.

As the volume of digital information grows day-by-day, the need to secure the business-critical data becomes challenging. So, even if the data is stored in the cloud, it still needs back up to save the integrity and authenticity of the data.