Essential Precautions for Proper SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a set of methods to improve the ranking of your website in search engine listings. As in our previous article we have already discuss that what are the points we should follow to get highest rank in the search engine results pages and get more traffic. Now we are presenting what not to do in the SEO world.

Eight Essential points to avoid for Proper SEO

1)    Avoid cloaking: Cloaking means giving one page to your visitors. Search engines want to see another page and index what your visitors see. So, getting caught cloaking can have bad consequences on your site ranking.

2)    Avoid hidden text: This is the tons of text which is meant for only search engines to see and is loaded with keywords. Search engines are able to catch this old trick and will quickly get you a huge penalty or possibly a ban.

3)    Avoid keyword spamming/ stuffing: Try to avoid overloading your webpage with keywords that are only intended at tricking the search engines. The best way to avoid doing this is just write your text, with keywords in mind, towards your audience.

4)    Avoid using java script or flash for your navigation methods: Search engines can not read these. So, always use standard html links to easily walk by search engine spiders.

5)    Do not submit your webpage URL: Submit your URL directly to search engines to find your website via incoming link. Submitting again and again weekly or monthly can heavily damage your ranking.

6)    Avoid to quickly submission to thousands of search engines: Keep in mind that 98-99% of all search engines are Yahoo, Google, or MSN. You need to keep only 3 in mind.

7)    Don’t forget back links: In the question for your site is ranking by search engines, Link popularity plays an important into and is always a key element of SEO. So, do not forget back links.

8)    Avoid flash presentations and excessive graphics: There are many ways to make a good website without overloading your visitors and if a website takes more than five seconds to load, you will likely lose your visitor before their visits your site.

So, these are the things to avoid that can have a large impact on your website. These wrong things can get your website banned. A big thing is to keep in mind that do not try to cheat the search engines.