Empowering businesses through Cloud Hosting Services

Benefits of Cloud Hosting Services

As e-commerce technology is becoming invincibly powerful, the choice user makes for the web-hosting services directly impacts their relevant businesses. Choosing efficient cloud hosting services to help businesses to move their IT ahead on the global forefront. Currently, the hosting services revolve around the traditional single-server account hosting and cloud hosting to increase the operational efficiencies of any organization.

The cloud web hosting has primarily gained its distinction by omitting the dependencies on a single physical server and instead it depends on an advanced electronic structure where the complete data of the website is stored in multiple virtual resources. However, the traditional hosting approach refers to the standard method of hosting the website on a single physical server that is also shared among other websites as well.

As both the hosting options have their own sets of pros and cons, here are some of the factors that explains why cloud hosting is a better option. So, let us understand the driving force behind the cloud hosting trends.

Differences between Cloud Hosting and Traditional Hosting Services

Some of the major differences between these hosting techniques are:

Performance: A cloud-based architecture offers zero downtime and enhanced speed to render best website hosting experience. However, in traditional hosting, the resources and the simultaneous user demands on the server restrict its performance. Cloud architecture instead uses parallel resources from a pool of numerous servers to offer greater flexibility whenever required. As the enhanced performance becomes the primary considerations to deliver the best user experience, speed, and performance of the server cannot be ignored.

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Scalability: Instant resource upgrading is one of the major factors that make cloud hosting popular among users as they avail sufficient resources to meet the current demands. Since the reseller agencies are largely dependent upon the demand, it is vital to have more CPUs and RAM to support the traffic and data coming from various sites to manage their increased number of websites. On the other hand, in traditional hosting, any upgrade is responsible to disrupt the whole IT environment and can cause severe downtime. Cloud hosting offers to upgrade at a click of a button without interrupting the website or causing any downtime. A hosting provider can easily scale the resources and upgrade the server to deliver smooth service.

Data Loss Prevention: One of the top priority for Cloud services provider is to secure the user data without any fail. Cloud hosting supports a data mirroring technique for complete backup and restores including data analytics. This practice does not store data at a particular location, rather distribute it across different devices, providing a backup system that keeps users constantly ready for any unforeseen occurrences, without requiring any manual control.

Cost Efficient: Cloud hosting eliminates the need for purchasing hardware, renting space and paying any sort of maintenance, causing a significant reduction of investment expenditure budget of any organization. Unlike traditional hosting, cloud-based hosting offers flexibility to scale up the resources as and when required on the basis of the pay-per-use model.

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Disaster Recovery: Cloud-hosting offers disaster recovery in case of failure. However, traditional hosting lacks this feature. Cloud hosting guarantees disaster recovery by automatically collecting diagnostic information about the failures, restarting the equipment and immediately notifying the maintenance specialists about certain issues. This certainly reduces the risk of service loss and boosts up the process of recovering data even at downtime.      

Conclusion: It’s no wonder the use of cloud hosting is approaching the IT market so rapidly. With such benefits along with reducing complexities, expense and downtime, managed cloud hosting services are futuristic. If you are looking for cloud hosting services to build your business, you must check out i2k2 Networks’ cloud hosting services. With features like automatic failover, instant scaling, and resource management, i2k2 guarantees to deliver comprehensive technical assistance to its customer 24x7x365 for all the cloud hosting models- public, private or hybrid.

Being a proud partner of almost all the cloud giants, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, Alibaba cloud, Google Cloud, and Oracle Cloud, i2k2 holds a strong client retention record from the past two decades making the organization a perfect synonym of cloud hosting services.

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