Empower your Hybrid Cloud through the Software-Defined Architecture

Hybrid Cloud through the Software-Defined Architecture

Opting hybrid cloud environments to move the business-critical applications is the most common approach taken by IT industries these days to reduce complexity while managing, securing, and scaling the enterprise networks. As the public cloud providers are greatly responsible for the network and its security within their infrastructures, the IT equally accountable for the networks that connect the enterprises to public cloud services, within the hybrid and private cloud on-premises infrastructure, as well.  

Network complexity is the biggest challenge in today’s hybrid cloud computing environment as you grow your business and implement multi-cloud strategies. Most of the IT enterprises end up setting up complex infrastructures by including components such as switches, servers, firewalls, and other solutions that compromise the performance, security, availability, and scalability of the organization at different levels of the consistency.

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This post discusses the ideas that help IT admins to empower their hybrid cloud through the underlying software-defined architectures.

Ways to use Software-Defined Network (SDN) Architecture

An underlying network architecture offers a single layer of infrastructure from the branch to the core to the cloud that not only helps reduce the complexities but also ensures end-to-end connectivity with intrinsic security. So building a network on a software-defined architecture with centralized management including control and security policy at the virtualization layer affirms the first step of network modernization of the hybrid cloud computing infrastructure.

Whereas, step two is to include the same software-defined network architecture that is being used for your on-premises hybrid and private cloud infrastructure and move it to the public cloud.

The aforementioned practices offer a seamless, integrated network architecture for all the hybrid cloud workloads. This not only reduces the network complexities and its challenges but also improves the security issues significantly. This allows users to successfully migrate workloads to any cloud along with critical databases, containers, and micro-services for development teams, and branch and edge computing environments to enhance the infrastructure.

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Software-defined Architecture in Hybrid Cloud

The next level of a seamless, integrated network for the hybrid cloud environment can be achieved by opting a network provider that can offer reliable and proven Software-defined network architecture along with a hybrid cloud hosting service provider that can help extend the architecture into its public cloud environment.

The modernized Hybrid cloud solution beholds the following offerings:

  • Empowers cloud-native applications through consistent network architecture across private and public cloud platforms.
  • Migrates and modernizes the business-critical application seamlessly in the hybrid cloud environment.
  • Improves security and enhances development cycle by managing and deploying security policies consistently across virtual machines and containers.
  • Implements SDN expertise and best practices of hybrid cloud solutions through more than 80 million virtualization switch ports.
  • Serves the unique needs of enterprise solutions across the globe


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