Efficacy of Social Media in Marketing

Social Media is an important part of Internet Marketing. It is the process of promoting your site or business through social media channels and it is a powerful strategy that will get you links, attention and massive amounts of traffic.

There is no other low-cost promotional method out there that will easily give you large numbers of visitors, some of whom may come back to your website again and again. If you are selling products/services or just publishing content for ad revenue, social media marketing is a potent method that will make your site profitable over time.

Social media websites can be leveraged for links and better search rankings, they can greatly increase your site’s income potential. For example, you will be able to price ads higher or generate revenue from any paid business models.

It uses social media optimization techniques (SMO). Social media optimization, like search engine optimization, is a technique used to optimize the use of these sites for publicity or promotion of your site. Social media includes any site that is popularly frequented by people who also do the posting on the sites.

It is an easy idea to consider. You simply need to post your interesting video or other message online so that others can view it. Social networks have millions of users making it possible for your posting to go “viral”. This just means that your posting has been viewed by many people – usually more than a million. Viral postings are often passed around online and even appear on television.

Top Four Reasons to Practice Social Media Marketing

  1. It’s natural. Not only you get natural links without any discernible pattern, your website is exposed to large groups of people in a spontaneous fashion. This differs from paid advertising which has overt commercial overtones.
  2. It’s defensible. Once successfully mastered, social communities can be a great source of web traffic on top of any traffic you are already receiving from search engines. While you can’t easily increase your search engine traffic, social media traffic can be very easily controlled through strategic marketing.
  3. It’s low-cost/high returns. If done by yourself, costs are limited to only time and perhaps the expenses involved in hiring a freelance programmer/designer. The benefits will often exceed the cost. It would take you thousands of dollars to buy many links; social media has the ability to give you that for free.
  4. It complements other efforts. Social media optimization and marketing is usually community-specific. It doesn’t interfere with any other methods of getting traffic to your website. It can and will fit perfectly with an advertising campaign targeting other websites or search engines.

Common social media marketing tools

It include Twitter, Blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

Social media has two important aspects:

(1) Adding links to services such as Digg, Reddit and Del.icio.us so that their pages can be easily ‘saved and submitted’ to and for these services.

(2) Building ways that fans of a brand or company can promote it themselves in multiple online social media venues.

So, we I hope that now you know that  Social media marketing is an excellent way to get people to come into your site to take a look at  what you have to offer. You will grow when there are a group of loyal visitors ready to always act upon what you have to offer.