Directory Submission: The Best And Easy Way to Get the Page Rank

Google prefers those sites having maximum number of quality back links. Getting backlinks from reputed and theme based sites is not an easy task. There is different way to get the back links. Like one way two ways and three way linking. But Google gives the advantages to that site having maximum number of quality one way back links. To get the one way back links you can submit the articles, press release, comments in the blog, link building, RSS feed and directory submission. Among all of them the best and easiest way is directory submission.

Before starting the further details about the directory submission, first of all we would have to understand about the directory. What is directory? As my knowledge Directory is something or can say a place that contains thousand or millions of websites from where user can find the website related to his need. Some people confused between search engines and directories.

The main difference between search engines and directories is that Search engines works at an automated programs that is call as Spider. Search engines give the result according the query of the user. Where as Directories do not work at any program. The admin of the directory see the website manually and after approval by the admin the website submits in the directory.

Lets come on the topic, in directory submission we should aware about the category in which we are adding our website. If your website is related to Seo than you should submit your website in the most relevant category like internet marketing, Seo Company, Seo Services etc. You can also submit your RSS newsfeed to directories. Some webmasters do their directory submission with the help of software. Software is not much relevant as compare to manual directory submission.