Difference between Http and Https

For sending and receiving data across internet we need a system call HTTP or HTTPS. HTTP stands for hyper text transfer protocol and HTTPS stands for secure HTTP. We can say that HTTP is type of program that serves as request and response procedure that is followed by the internet agents so that requested and sending information can easily and accurately exchange between servers and receiver. HTTPS works same job as HTTP but the difference is HTTPS works in secure manner.

There are some basic difference between http and https, default port of http is 80 and https is 443.Https send the information to the encrypted systems known as Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).The information can’t be accessed by any other rather than client and server. Https is the best way in online banking and other money transfer applications because information exchange between client and server in encrypted manner. In https client and server exchange the certificates to their identities authentication. When this is done both of them exchange the encrypted information. After the ensuring that both have the same key the connection is closed.