Dedicated Server Hosting: A Must for Modern Businesses

Comprehensive support, scalability, data security, and reliability are some of the tangible benefits of a web hosting service. A business may get more than these depending on their server hosting service provider. The potential to save money and grow a business is significantly high with a dedicated server. Let’s now take a look at some of the key reasons why a managed dedicated server hosting can propel a business in more ways than one.

Reasons you need a Managed Dedicated Server – 

1. Expert Support

The moment a business purchases a web hosting plan from a reputable dedicated server hosting provider, the benefits start trickling in. The fact that the service comes from IT professionals adds credibility to it. These experts are dedicated to providing quality server hosting services round the clock. They are responsive, supportive, and their technical acumen is enviable. Customers can contact such a support team on any kind of server issue.

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2. Optimum Data Security  

Most web hosting providers maintain a high level of security for data stored on their host servers. Not only that, professional technicians manage these dedicated servers on behalf of their clients. As a practice, server owners usually get credentials for c-panel including a username and password. Hosting providers also provide layers of security for protection against malicious attacks. Regular software updates by administrators ensure that software are up-to-date from a security point of view. There’s also assurance that customers get provision for offsite data backup to keep all critical data safe and secure.

3. Unmatched Reliability   

With a dedicated hosting server by your side, you no longer need to worry about monitoring website downtime or uptime. The web hosting provider will manage all of that. A managed hosting server sets clients free from all kinds of IT hassles. It requires a lot of investments to hire IT experts, and the best ones are hard to come by. A dedicated server hosting reduces this burden by taking over the responsibility of managing a client’s server. You can also seek expert advice any time with a dedicated server hosting company.

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4. Ease of Scalability

Scalability of dedicated servers means the convenience of scaling up and scaling down according to business requirements. All a client needs to do is just contact the hosting service provider to scale the server. Basically, a business owner requires hosting scalability when their business is expanding, and there’s a need to store more information on the server. Unlike other server systems, managed dedicated servers provide additional space for this kind of expansion.

Need Dedicated Server Hosting?

A 24/7 support system with industry expertise, data backup, lower operating cost, and security make managed dedicated server hosting a preferred business solution for enterprises. By eliminating the need for IT personnel and IT infrastructure on the client side, server hosting benefits both small and large businesses. i2k2 Networks is a global data center and provider of the managed dedicated server in India. We provide all types of managed IT services and cloud-enabled services to clients operating in different industries. To know more about our services, simply call our support team at +91-120-466-3031 OR request a callback by submitting the contact form.