Dedicated Server Hosting – 4 Factors that Influence every Decision

It is important for businesses to register an online presence due to the wide platform that the Internet provides for organizations to market products and services. One fundamental element that business has to consider in such a drive is a server, of which many can do with a shared server, which allows multiple users access to important tools and storage space. The approach, however, may not work for websites that experience heavy user traffic. For such businesses, opting for a dedicated server hosting is the best way forward and for good reason.

What is a dedicated server hosting

What is a dedicated server hosting?

By opting for a dedicated server, your businesses secures the rights of exclusive use of a network. The server hosts all websites your business owns and runs. Further, behaviour of other sites does not impact the performance of your websites as the server is ‘dedicated’ to you.  Your websites get full access to the memory and resources of the server, which results in optimized performance. Use of a dedicated server creates a secure environment for you and your target market to interact.

Questions to ask when opting for a dedicated server hosting

Opting for a dedicated server in India or elsewhere is a prudent decision owing to the many benefits to business. Businesses should, however, consider the following factors before beginning the hunt:

1. Does your business depend on your website to generate revenue?

Organizations that depend on its website to generate revenue should go for a dedicated server. The bottom line for such organizations is likely to take a blow if downtimes are high or website is slow. For example, e-commerce portals depend primarily on website performance to garner revenue. If your website crashes or users find it painfully slow, they usually leave and do their business elsewhere, resulting in lost business opportunities.

2. Does your site experience peak hours?

Opting for a dedicated server is a pressing need if your website experiences heavy user traffic during peak hours. Using a shared server would be inadequate if you, for example, own an e-commerce website which experiences high user traffic during seasonal/festive discounts. The number of visits on a website during such periods can be a substantial percentage of the total user traffic during any given year. The increased traffic slows down your system and can even result in its crashing. You cannot afford downtimes during peak hours and should, therefore, take steps to immunize your business against such catastrophic episodes.

3. Do you need special hosting services?

Organizations that store vast amounts of data need more storage space and should opt for dedicated servers. Also, organizations that need additional backup or high-performance servers should also think about installing dedicated servers. An ordinary server host does not provide such features; besides, you can ask the provider to customize the solution to incorporate specific features to suit your organization’s’ needs.

4. Do you need support services on priority?

Businesses such as those operating in the BPO industry need priority support services on demand. Such organizations, after evaluating their requirements, should opt for dedicated servers if they think that downtimes may hurt their interests. A dedicated server includes advanced features, and users can expect to get support services on a real-time basis.

Final Words

To optimize your website performance, host multiple sites, and enjoy better security, among other features and benefits, dedicated servers make perfect business sense. Those opting for exchange server hosting and dedicated server hosting services should analyse their specific needs and factors before arriving at a final decision. If you have any questions on your website hosting or need a dedicated server in India, i2K2 Networks is happy to give you expert help.