Debunking Common Myths about Dedicated Servers

Are you willing to switch from shared server to a dedicated server but a few myths are putting you in a dilemma? Most new or old business organizations claim that a fully managed dedicated server is definitely a choice that you won’t regret. However, there are myths that can demotivate you from taking a decision. This blog takes the initiative of debunking the myths associated with dedicated servers.

Common Myths about Dedicated Servers

“You have to be a techie”

It doesn’t really matter whether you are an IT graduate or an amateur tech geek when it comes to choosing dedicated server hosting in India. Even an elementary knowledge of how servers work can help you make an informed decision.

“You will spend a lot”

You don’t have access to cheap dedicated server hosting is another myth. With the increasing popularity and demand of in-house or dedicated servers among small, medium, and large-scale companies, the cost of buying one is getting one is affordable.

“Maintenance is tough”

A dedicated server means a server present physically at your business location. The equipment is heavy and huge to lift. Server customers assume that after the server is set up, the maintenance is their responsibility. It is not. You are paying to get the maintenance taken care of.

“Data center is not important”

Like the way people buy any electronic appliance, they check the specs as well as the price before finalizing a fully managed dedicated server too.   However, they neglect the importance of data center. It is the quality of a data center that enhances the performance and reliability of a server.

“Dedicated servers are similar to VPS”

People believe that VPS and dedicated servers are the same. They are not. VPS is a more secure version of shared servers while dedicated server means one server for your company. If you have been considering the myth all this while, time to get it right.

Get a Fully Managed Dedicated Server, Now!

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