Data Center Colocation: Technology in a nutshell

Data Center Colocation

Data center colocation is referred to as an outsourced data center solution that businesses require to expand the capacity and capability of their own data centers. Typically, smaller IT companies with limited resources choose the data center colocation services over building and deploying their own data centers as it is an affordable and logical solution.

Several organizations place their servers or lease servers from some physical colocation data center provider using the colocation facilities. Colocation services include network connections and the associated bandwidth, redundant power supply, cooling resources, and physical locations. Businesses that are geographically dispersed can utilize several colocation facilities to ensure shorter distance of data center from their facilities.

Data Center Colocation vs Cloud Computing – 

Colocation services and cloud computing offers a shared facility. However, various colocation customers usually own the servers that are managed by the colocation service providers along with physical space and resources such as network connections, power supplies and cooling components leased from colocation providers as well.

On the contrary, cloud companies own and manage the entire infrastructure components and make them available as a service through the Internet to its customers that later subscribe to these services following either a monthly, annually or pay-as-you-go structure. This helps the IT department to focus on the core operations of the organization rather managing the cloud infrastructure.

Hence, colocation services are tangible that allows customer’s server exists in a readily-identifiable location. Colocation services are greatly helpful while migration on-premise data to the cloud depending upon the preferences and requirement of the organization. Colocation services are best suited for organizations that refrain themselves from putting their sensitive data in a public cloud environment because of major security concerns.

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As server colocation is an alternative to a non-cloud experience with third-party managed infrastructure, it offers greater migration and tasks flexibility at many affordable prices as compared to cloud computing. The dedicated resources of colocation services are easier to dynamically scale the resources in a cloud environment. Enterprises that want to hold total control over some of their servers choose colocation services as a part of a hybrid data center architecture strategy as it offers efficiency to the data center facilities.

Benefits of Data Center Colocation:

Some of the benefits of the colocation services are compared with other alternatives such as public clouds and private clouds and include the following attributes:

  • Cost: Colocation is a cheaper and better option as compared to other alternatives and the costs are pre-determined in the provider’s contract.
  • Control: Colocation offers infrastructure setup and maintenance, including cooling, power and interconnections between resources and are completely managed and controlled by the service provider.
  • Scalability: A colocation service provider holds plenty of space to expand resources within a specific data center.
  • Reliability: Colocation data centers offer redundancy and disaster recovery, bandwidth connections through various service providers, and uninterrupted power supply along with backup power generators.
  • Security: As the colocation providers maintain the equipment for several companies, they offer multiple layers of security to protect customer’s infrastructure.

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Bottom Line:

As the colocation service providers offer a diverse set of services, organizations can truly seek benefits by analyzing their requirements. i2k2 Networks also offers seamless and secure colocation services to its customers to help them grow strategically. With the highly advanced technology and comprehensive support, i2k2 Networks is undoubtedly the leading Data Center Colocation services in India at present times. i2k2 colocation services not only eliminates the need to build, staff and manage your in-house data centers and server rooms, but also ensures a trouble-free colocation and migration to safeguard the IT infrastructure of your enterprise as well.

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