Creative agencies are migrating to AWS

When the word “CLOUD” comes the various organisation start thinking that if we can manage and run the IT infra seamlessly using high end hardware, facilities and equipment which are good enough then why we moves to cloud? If some of them using cloud services already then they have another question in their mind that why we need to migrate on AWS?
Let’s see the survey and reports of the AWS now

Why migrate?

As per AWS’s official website “Cloud has become the new normal as companies of every size have realized the benefits of the cloud. For most organizations, the question isn’t “if” anymore; it’s “how fast can we move?” and “what are we moving first?”A recent whitepaper by IDC, shows the customers that migrate to AWS can experience 51% reduced costs of operations, 62% increased IT staff productivity, and 94% reductions in downtime.”

There are various other reviews and at last practically you will find that to reduce workload, to save cost, to perform like winner you need AWS these days. In other words, to run a business you need to fulfil all IT related need of your organisation and in AWS you name an IT services and AWS will gives you the same in plug n play manner. Let’s see the reasons of migrating to AWS these days:

  • 1. Cost reduction by 50% to 20%: If you compare the AWS infra with on-premises setup then you will find that there is huge cost reduction. Sometimes it is till 30 to 40%. If you are using other cloud services then AWS and you will compare then you will find the cost reduction till 30 to 20% after migrating in AWS.
  • 2. Plug n Play Approach: AWS provides plug n play approach for all services. It gives you ease in testing and deployment of resources. When things are just a click away then it is very easy to take decisions. To achieve the organisational goal this plug n play approach makes you faster.
  • 3. Low latency: High performing resources of AWS providing very low latency in content delivery and handling requests. When you click anywhere and it respond in fraction of seconds then it will make your application reliable for your customers.AWS provides
    • Multi-tier cache by default, with regional edge caches
    • Streaming support in multiple formats, allowing you to cache media fragments at the edge
    • Integrating with AWS’ security tools, like WAF and Shield
    • Accelerating API calls with Amazon API Gateway
    • Automatic scaling
  • 4. Building trust on you: So the all above pointers are automatically making you trustworthy for your customer. If you are spending more on infra, you are delivering things in seconds and there is very low latency then you are reliable and trustworthy to your customers automatically.
  • 5. Achieving business goals: When all factors of reliability and robustness are achieved then nothing can stop you to achieve your business goals. Any organisation can touch new heights of success because of satisfied customer and customer satisfaction comes from reliability which is achieved by using good resources to deliver services to clients.