Considering Cloud Backup Solutions for Ransomware Recovery

Cloud Backup Solutions for Ransomware Recovery

The spurring technology in IT industries has inevitably resulted in major threats and vulnerabilities. Even a minor loophole in industrial security measures could expose the whole system to terrifying attacks like Ransomware. Any hacker can easily compromise the system using this attack and lock the admin out. The objective of ransomware is to demand a hefty ransom to unlock the system. However, sometimes in all due course of this freeze-attack-restore cycle, even the data of the most secured system gets heavily compromised without the hacker’s intention. Thankfully, ransomware recovery can be made possible with cloud backup solutions.

The impact of the attack can be lowered to certain extents by applying a quick roll-back to the cloud storage and backup solutions. In this post, we have discussed that why we must contemplate the cloud backup solutions for ransomware recovery.

Cloud Backup Solution for Ransomware Recovery: Why?

Cloud Backup solutions are being opted by many enterprises because of the easier data recovery if exposed to any threats. They mitigate the risk of data loss and supports the IT infrastructure. Cloud storage and backup solutions have various advantages such as RAID arrays, and in-house backup servers, over the traditional backup approaches. The certain points explain why cloud backup solutions must be supported for seamless data recovery:

  • Data Security

    Whenever a system is compromised physically, there are chances that any and all forms of on-site backup also gets distorted. So, moving your enterprise to cloud storage and backup improves the data security as compared to the traditional on-site backups. The cloud backup solutions provide data encryption support for better security. All the employee data along with customer data, partner data, and project-based data remains safe using the cloud backup solutions. This guarantees that enterprises do not lose any data and do not leak any data either.

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  • Data Flexibility

    Cloud storage offers great flexibility and accessibility to users in how they utilize and operate their data. Cloud backup solutions operate across different devices and operating systems that allow the users to use a comprehensive selection of the business-related software and hardware, without compromising the data safety or experiencing any data loss.

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  • Data Mobility

    Moving data into cloud backups and cloud-based services improve the mobility of the IT operations. Relocating the organization across the city, country or anywhere across the globe becomes much easier. Transferring the hardware and again setting them up is not at all required. The task can be done by just copying the backups onto the new hardware at the new location. There will not be any downtime issues or any worries about shipping and damage to the enterprise and intellectual properties.

The Bottom Line

The data recovery process depends on the amount of lost data and the pace at which the user wants to recover that data. If you are also looking for the best backup and disaster recovery solutions provider then you can seek help from i2k2 Networks, the best-in-industry backup solution provider. Contact at 91-120-466 3031 |+91-9711774040 or you can fill out the contact form to help us reach you.