Consider these Trending Factors While Evaluating your Colocation Services

Colocation Services best practices

Colocation services are the most popular commodities among businesses these days. Every enterprise has its own requirement and each requirement leaves a different impact on the respective businesses. Colocation services understand the operational dynamics of every enterprise and deploy essential building blocks to deliver maximum growth to the organization.

Reasons to opt the Colocation Services – 

Also, these alternatives to proprietaries facilities have gained momentum for several different reasons which makes them the most preferred among customers-

  1. Core competency: Every enterprise wants to drive their entire focus on their deliverables, be it services or products, without worrying about time, cost, and resource management. Colocation service providers make it possible by taking the responsibilities of core operations, including management, infrastructure, security, and on-site monitoring factors.
  2. Cost-efficiency: The trained professionals, network engineers, and operators are assigned by colocation providers to keep the data center operational and reliable all the times. This saves the overhead expenses of labor costs, operational and mechanical equipment.
  3. Transforming OpEx to CapEx: The cost-effective tenancy for the IT resources can be procured by organizations through colocation service providers. They help estimate the operational expenditure and disburse the cost logically to avoid unplanned expenditures.
  4. Delivering Flexibility and Scalability: Colocation services can help scale the resources as and when required with great ease and flexibility. This helps enterprises to have sustainable growth to match their capacity and demands.

As the businesses are flocking towards these colocation services, it is recommended to take a pause and evaluate these services before going for one. They must adequately function as per the customer’s expectations with relatively lower TCO, and in compliance with SLAs.

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Try these Core Evaluations while considering your colocation services –

  1. Concurrent Maintainability: Almost all the mission-critical IT equipment requires maximum availability. A downtime of even fraction of second can cost irreparable loss to certain businesses. So, a colocation provider offering concurrent maintainability must be chosen that commits to deliver services without disrupting power, quality, and factors that negatively influence the IT load uptime.
  2. Sustainability: Assuring the provider’s commitment toward fostering a sustainable environment through recycling computing equipment help organizations to reduce their carbon footprints and save money to a great extent.
  3. Proven Track Records: One of the main factors that might affect operations of the enterprise is the experience of the data center provider and its availability to maintain the standard outlines in SLAs. This evaluation benchmark can depict the dedication of the service providers while offering uptime, energy efficiency. Accuracy, transparent billing, and customer services for the existing facilities.

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Undoubtedly, the colocation providers can help enterprises to manage their infrastructure well with proactive IT resources and staffing to resolve incidents before they affect the performance and availability of the applications.

i2k2 Networks offer a viable and business lucrative colocation services to help organizations safeguard their business-critical servers, data, and applications and attain maximum profitability. With high-speed, dedicated Internet connectivity, highly-secured servers, and 99.95% guaranteed uptime users can reduce their IT maintenance cost by a great margin.

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