Cloud Server or Dedicated Server: Make the Right Choice

With more and more businesses and startups going online, servers are playing a vital role in expanding the business world. Your choice makes a huge difference in how your business fares. Do you need to hire cloud servers in India or dedicated servers in another country? The question although looks black or white, the answer is not that simple. There are many differences between the two servers. Learn about the differences in this blog and take your first leap to a successful business.

Cloud Server versus Dedicated Server


Share or Have it All

Do you want a server that is a space occupied by your company’s data only or do you want to have a server that you can keep your eyes on? There is no dearth of cloud hosting providers in India. On a cloud server, you share the CPU usage, RAM, and even the network whereas, with a dedicated server hosting, you have everything required to host your server in your office space. However, if your business is virtual in nature, cloud server sounds more practical.


All cloud hosting services in India may or may not provide absolute control. It may have an additional cost involved. With a dedicated server, you don’t face this issue of control. In fact, you have a physical control over the server you have installed. So, control or no control, that depends on your business needs.

Regular backup of Data

Data is the most important element of any business. You lose data, you can be in trouble. A dedicated server for your business is susceptible to losing data if the cloud hosting provider in India you chose is not a reputable one and didn’t promise stability when your business is relocating. Cloud servers, on the other hand, keep a regular backup of your data at a fixed interval. Ask for regular updates of your server from the service provider to ensure the safety of your data.


Internet speed is a crucial element to consider in case of a cloud server. This is not required in case of a dedicated server. The server performance slows down with a slower internet speed. Every business is dependent on a server; either cloud or dedicated. With the slower performance, you impact the business’ productivity.

Hire Experts Only

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