Cloud Server Hosting – A Dedicated Resource to Optimize Your Business Process

Business owners nowadays, want to make sure that their important work and data are saved in a secure server to avoid data loss. Cloud computing enables business owners to secure their data apart from providing unlimited data storage space. If you are looking for a dedicated server to secure and optimize your business process and bring business costs down, cloud server hosting is the best way out.

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What is Cloud Server Hosting?

Cloud server hosting is a new and easy to manage format of web hosting that keeps your website up. A large number of organizations, nowadays are migrating their entire workloads from in-house to cloud infra to enjoy the benefits of cloud server hosting in India as it provides better scalability, flexibility, and reliability to the business processes. Cloud hosting allows you to change your entire infra services without compromising security and downtime. In this hosting, the website resources are spread among different servers which reduce the dependence on any single computing hardware. This minimizes the risk of failure of a costly web server and increases the safety of crucial business data.

Different Cloud Hosting Solutions

  • Public Cloud – Public Cloud is a standard cloud computing framework which comprises applications, files, storage and services and are available to the public via the internet. The public cloud resources are hosted by a cloud provider like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, Alibaba Cloud, IBM Cloud.
  • Private Cloud – Private cloud comprised of applications, files, and services that are secured and executed within a corporate firewall. You can create your own private cloud using various platforms, such as OpenStack and VMware iCloud.
  • Hybrid Cloud – Hybrid cloud is an arrangement of one or two clouds, such as private and public cloud, that remain separate entities but are grouped together. The hybrid cloud offers the benefits of several distribution models.

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How Cloud Server Hosting Impacts Business Operations

  • Accessibility – The cloud can be easily accessed with an internet connection from anywhere and you can have your data wherever you want which makes things a lot easier for you. You can have access to your files without having to be present in your office.
  • Scalability – If your business needs to scale up and down at any point in time depending on the situation, it is possible with cloud hosting to scale up/down the resources as per your requirement.
  • Lesser Investment – With cloud hosting, there is no need for any onsite hardware procurement or to invest in any capital. Cloud server hosting is more effective for mid-sized companies who do not want to invest in any capital expenses for new infrastructure.

Final Word

If you are looking for a dedicated cloud server hosting for your business, there are many reputable hosting companies in India, such as i2k2, engaged in offering wide-range of hosting plans at affordable prices. i2k2 Networks provides many hosting models like dedicated server hosting, VPS, shared hosting etc. If you want cost-effective, secure and powerful hosting with fully managed support, cloud server hosting is the perfect solution. For more information on cloud server hosting India, contact our experts at +91-120-466-3031 |  +91-971-177-4040 or email us at