Cloud Infrastructure: 5 Ways to Keep It Secure

cloud infrastructure

The days of huge servers are behind us as everything is moving to the cloud platform. With such development, new challenges and security threats are cropping up as well. Thus protecting cloud infrastructure could be a tough job. The following tips can help users greatly.

1. Encryption Services

Encryption is a highly effective method to keep data secure while exchanging emails. Though, it is also recommended to encrypt data that is ‘at rest.’ This ensures complete security of critical by preventing unauthorized access.

2. Security Design

Most IT leads develop secure responses to ad-hoc networks but refrain from designing comprehensive security measures. To fully secure an organization’s cloud infrastructure, proper security controls and a code of conduct for preventing unauthorized access.

3. IoT

IoT stands for Internet of Things. It is a best practice that promotes all devices on the network to connect to the Internet and to be visible. IT administrators should be able to create IoT at any point in time to ward off security threats. IoT initiatives should be suitable for all devices including printers, small devices, and wearable devices.

4. Internal Security

Many companies make the mistake of taking their data security for granted. Little do they know that the threats arise from within? To be precise from their employees. They often hold personal grudges against the company, and try to get even by stealing critical company information. They could also unwillingly compromise company security by falling prey to viruses due to unrestricted online browsing. As preventive measures, resting data encryption, email security services, and similar controls should be in place.

5. Management

It is important to know who has access to what. If the recent Uber breach of 5000 records is anything to take a clue from, it’s that. Applying different encryption keys to different departments, departmentalizing access and limiting encryption keys are a few of the things could be helpful here.

These five ways are likely to keep your precious cloud infrastructure secure. All it takes is to deploy the right security checks and manage everything efficiently.