Celebrate Your Flawless Event with Happiness

A wedding is a ceremony or event in which two people knot or can say a unifying bond with each other forever. It’s really the most beautiful event for both bride and groom. In some countries like India weddings continue for several days. In this ceremony lots of guests come for giving blesses to bride and groom, lots of responsibilities overcome on the shoulders of the host. So on this special occasion the basic services like breakfast, lunch, dinner must be delicious and other catering related services must be flawless, rather than of these the place where the event organizes must be clean, big and must have toilet, kitchen, parking space and security. We have seen in Wedding ceremonies that some problems almost faces by the host like lack of dishes, lack of water, no space of parking, no security, absence of toilet, kitchen, power backup. Because of these reasons some times host faces shameful moment. These problems come because lack of coordination between the caterers and the host.

Because of our great experience in Catering Services we are giving you some important guidelines just because next time you don’t have to face those problems:

Responsibilities of Host:

• Take the Catering Services from the reputed and experienced Caterers
• Be clear about your budget and the services what you want from your Caterers
• Clarify to your Caterers about the number of Guest who would come in the ceremony and other needs like type of dishes, water etc
• Take the positive margin about the number of guest

Responsibilities of Caterers:

• Must be clear about Host needs
• Proper coordination between Host and each member of the catering team
• Some time we have seen that things are available but can’t reach to the host because of the lack of time punctuality and lack of coordination between catering team. So every necessary things should be available on time and some caterers should watch the needs of the guests

We hope that the article help you to celebrate the flawless, beautiful and blissful ceremony.

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