Can you explain Clustered Network and Domain Registration?

If you want to know about the terms Clustered Network and Domain Registration, then yes! I can explain them in a simple and an easy way.

Clustered Network:

“Cluster” used in computer networking is refer to a number of different implementations of shared computing resources. It integrates the resources of two or more than two computing devices together for some common purpose.

Clustered network storage systems are actually an evolution of the two-way active-active architectures found with traditional midrange storage systems. This network designs extend the number of intelligent controllers beyond two controllers when they are appearing to the users, applications and system administrators as one logical system. It is necessary to recognize that network clustering involves a long past history of research and development with various offshoots and variations.

Domain Registration

You should seriously consider registering your own domain name if you have your web site. This is a name like “” or “”, which you can use to refer to your website. One important thing is that you do not need to be an organization or company to register a domain name. Any person can do it also.

There are many advantages of having a domain name:

•    It gives you credibility if you are a business.
•    People can remember the name easily and they can return to your website without having to consult their documents.
•    It is very helpful if you want good advertisers (sponsors) for your website

Now, I hope you understand the meaning of such the powerful terms.