Busting 4 Common Myths about Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Busting 4 Common Myths about Amazon Web Services (AWS)

In the world of cloud computing and web hosting, it is not uncommon to encounter pervasive myths surrounding AWS, one of the world’s biggest providers of cloud computing services. That said, it is essential you know what’s true and what’s not. Whether you are a business looking to leverage cloud computing or a professional looking to broaden one’s horizon about AWS, we are here to help. Read on as we bust five common myths about Amazon Web Services (AWS).

1. AWS is Expensive

AWS greatly simplifies cloud computing and helps you get rid of all the cost-intensive infrastructure that you would have to set up, should you want an in-house cloud. What’s more, AWS has a pay-as-you-go model, meaning that you only pay for the resources you are using. This helps you scale-up or scale-down your utilisation of cloud resources based on your business needs.

2. In-house Setup is Better than AWS

Like we said previously, setting up in-house IT infrastructure, while looking cheaper, would end up costing you significantly more in the long run. An in-house setup requires you to dedicate resources for its running and maintenance. It is also difficult to scale-up or scale-down the resources as per need. AWS, on the other hand, offers agility and spares you from the hassle of an in-house setup.

3. AWS is for Large Companies Only

Netflix, Amazon, and many such mammoths rely on AWS. That said, it doesn’t mean AWS is not cut for small companies. Known as AWS Active, Amazon introduced a cloud computing service to cater to the needs of small business. Small companies working on shoestring budgets can get in touch with an Amazon cloud services provider to learn more about leveraging AWS without having to spend a fortune.

4. You Have No Control Over Where your Data is Stored

AWS gives you the entire control over where your data is stored. Owing to its global reach and massive size, AWS has servers all across the world. When setting up AWS cloud, you get to choose a location for storing your data on Amazon’s servers. You can choose a server location of your choice and no one can change the server location without your knowledge.

Wrap Up

In an era where data theft and cyberattacks have become rampant, choosing a secure, reliable, and agile cloud computing service provider is a must. That’s when AWS steps in. World’s largest companies including NASA, Airbnb, and Netflix all entrust AWS with their data. If you too are looking to leverage AWS for your business needs, look no further than i2K2 Networks. We are a trusted provider for Amazon cloud support, web hosting services, AWS database migration services, and other IT managed services. To learn more about our host of Amazon cloud services, call +91 120 466 3031 or +91 956 026 2223. You can also write to us at sales@i2k2.com.