Opt For Virtual Hosting From i2k2 Networks

i2k2 Networks is a leading organization that offers web hosting services for the corporate world. Nowadays, many growing companies require hosting services that give better options than the shared servers provide but less than those offered by dedicated ones. To solve this tricky dilemma, virtual private servers (VPS) have emerged and are gaining popularity among those who have very specific hosting demands. This service is highly beneficial to the business organizations and rendered by i2k2 Networks, the leading web hosting India firm, at affordable prices.

Virtual Private Hosting India

In VPS, a secure part of a server, which acts independently, is handed over to the clients by i2k2 Networks, the renowned website hosting India company. This kind of server allows the firms to control their private servers in any manner they feel is apt and avail high quality hardware & network connections at low rates. The virtual private servers have option of root access, through which the users can install & configure the programs they require to streamline their business. The VPS offered by this web hosting India firm operates off-the-shelf software without incurring any costs and can be used for storing files, backup etc.

i2k2 Networks is well known for providing the best VPS-based website hosting India experience to companies based all over the globe and dish them the service at economical rates without compromising on quality of service. The clients can host services such as FTP and webmail servers on this secure private server very easily. This type of server is a secure and cost effective substitute for the expensive dedicated hosting services. It supports the installation of customized applications, due to which the business can have increased productivity within a short period of commissioning.