Can you explain SAAS and Zimbra Hosting?

If you require to know about the terms SAAS and Zimbra Hosting then yes! I can explain them in a simple and easy way.

Zimbra Hosting Service

SAAS Hosting

SaaS (Software as a Service) hosting is a service to help businesses to offer software to customers in effective and new ways and that provides a lot of benefits to customers. This hosting facilitates Software as a Service, where the old tradition of selling software (on disks or CDs) is replaced by selling software over the Internet. It allows for quick updates to software.

So, this hosting is actually the way businesses set up their SaaS products on remote servers for sale to customers. An SaaS service sells a license to use software over the Web. The license can be customized with complex security coding for each customer.

Zimbra Hosting

Zimbra is a leading collaboration and messaging solution with an AJAX Web Client. It features email, contacts, calendar, instant messaging, tasks, documents along with the facility of synchronizing to other devices and desktops. It is compatible with all latest-in-use web browsers and can also be used with your already employed applications like Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, iCal and Apple’s Mail.

The powerful interface design and enterprise-level conferencing features of Zimbra Hosting solution facilitate easy management of meetings in few minutes. It represents a way of having versatile, well-timed communication worldwide.

Now, I hope you understand the meaning of such the powerful terms.