5 Reasons Why Azure Provides an Edge in Dedicated Web Hosting

Microsoft Azure is an enterprise-level cloud-based platform that has made it easier for businesses choose a cloud solution to improve their productivity. More than 57 percent of Fortune 500 companies including leading players such as GE Healthcare, Trek, Towers Watson, 3M, Heineken, are already using Azure for their dedicated web hosting requirements and rely on its 24/7 IT support services. Azure supports an extensive range of technologies including programming languages, operating systems, and tools that millions of IT professionals use all over the world.

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Here are our five clear reasons to select Azure when looking for a dedicated web hosting solution:

1. Global Data Centers and Local Support Teams

Microsoft Azure has 100 plus global data centers spread across 22 regions–more than Amazon Web Services and Google–which, make their cloud services more scalable, efficient, and sustainable. The cloud-scale datacenters provide the core infrastructure to accommodate foundational, ever-growing online services, and also help transfer workloads instantly. In addition, Azure’s extensive support services with local teams spread worldwide, ensure that all your web hosting issues get resolved as quickly as possible.

2. Autoscaling

By choosing Azure, you never have to worry about handling any unexpected increase in web traffic. The web servers of this cloud platform automatically scale to meet essential storage requirements and bandwidth during peak traffic hours. In addition, with per-minute billing, you only pay for what you use.

3. Security

Azure complies with the ISO information security standard. In fact, it was the first one to adopt ISO 27018, an international cloud privacy standard, and also the first dedicated web host to be recognized by the European Union’s data protection authorities for rigorously following the EU privacy laws. Not just this, Microsoft Azure also complies with DIACAP or Department of Defense Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process.

4. Performance and Control

Take advantage of an extensive range of Azure’s CDN or Content Delivery Networks to ensure users at any geo-location experience no latency issues regardless of the content types such as images, audio, or video on your website. Businesses can also use this service to restrict websites in certain locations and prevent potential DDOS attacks.

5. Integration of Apps and Live Code Testing

Integration of apps has got easier with Azure as users can not only test and debug all applications they create on GitHub, TeamCity, VSTS and other platforms but also integrate them before making them live on the website. In addition, Azure allows to upgrade your code, remove old code, test, and debug new code while the website is live, thereby eliminating any downtime.


Microsoft not only provides multiple other significant features but is also committed to upgrading new technologies. Azure has the capability to handle anything from a small dev-test project to global product launch. This is the reason why Gartner, a leading research and advisory firm has announced Microsoft as a leader for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, Cloud Storage Services, and Application Platform for the second consecutive year. We hope this blog post has outlined enough reasons why Azure is the next big thing in dedicated web hosting and why businesses need to give it a try.