Best Security Measures for Zimbra Email Security

Zimbra Email Security

The importance of email security is no longer hidden from any user, yet it remains the most undervalued concern for many entities. The substantial components of the security must be strong enough to save the organization from threats, attacks, and malware. Especially, the business communication emails, user mailboxes, and sensitive data need maximum protection against such vulnerabilities for viable business continuity.

Zimbra email servers being the most popular among others are already secure because of some best security measures they include. However, let’s have a look at three of the most common real challenges circulating around and the preventive measures taken to safeguard the critical data.

Zimbra security best practices – Challenges & Preventive measures:

1. Viruses and Malware: The biggest threat for email accounts that comes from the Internet are viruses and malware which has the potential to create sudden disruption to the whole business process. Work-related email accounts must incorporate anti-spam and anti-virus software to keep the user protected from email viruses. Some of the prominent threats can be Trojan horses, Ransomware, Spyware, Worms, and Phishing. Always keep the computer software and browser updated so as to patch the new threats frequently.

Common Practices to help protect your Zimbra email account from viruses and Malware:

  • Use strong passwords:Keeping a strong and unique password, created using combinations of special characters, alphanumeric, and symbols up to the desired length, can help keep the email accounts safe.
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): Adding a second layer of safety to your account makes your email application more secure. Two-factor authentication  (2FA) is a combination of two security factors, such as a password with a mobile number, or a security token which then redirects the access code to the registered mobile number and makes it nearly impossible to get compromised by any hacker.

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2. Establishing Secure Email Communications: Email communication requires certain levels of security to establish a secure email communication channel. The first important step is to inquire about the access points of the emails. It is ideally categorized as:

  • Home: Check whether the connection is secured and hard-wired internet or not.
  • Work: A secure Wi-Fi enabled and protected network or not
  • On-the-Go: Public networks, such as one in the central library, railway stations, coffee shops are probably not a secure one and are the major factor of email interception. Thus, running a VPN application safeguards the data on a public network.

Zimbra Collaboration Suite (ZCS) suggests users to check the network preference settings on their computers to check the security of their network connections. If the preferred network is WPA2, then the network is secured. Also, the users can check the connection between their email providers and their systems to gain insights about network security.

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3. Data Loss Prevention (DLP):  Another major concern for most of the businesses is the loss or leak of the proprietary data dues to human negligence or the loose connectivity on either or both the inbound and outbound ends. Zimbra Mail Servers are protected by various DLP filters that ensure whether the employees are compliant with all the rules and regulations of their industry. It is always suggested to check the content of your mail before sending it to the authorized receiver.

Email and Internet Safety Checklist by Zimbra Email Security team:

  • Use strong password combinations
  • Verify each email account for a unique and strong password
  • Enable 2FA for every email account
  • Regular update of anti-virus and browser software
  • Never open emails from unknown senders and sources
  • Never click unauthorized and suspicious links
  • Scan the attachments before opening them
  • Be selective and careful before downloading the links from the Internet
  • Read licensing agreements carefully before installing any software
  • Avoid clicking on Internet Ads
  • Encrypt email communications as and when required
  • Be cautious while using Public Wi-Fi connections
  • Never share the proprietary company information with unknown sources

If you have gone through this post, you must have understood about these real issues and how to deal with them to protect the functionality of your email accounts.

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