Best Business Practices for Enterprise Email Solutions

Almost every large business, regardless of its size or nature, leverages email server hosting services to establish a reliable, secure, and affordable communication channel. From cost-effectiveness to scalability, security, to anti-spam features, several considerations go into selecting the right email server hosting services for a business. When hiring a dedicated mail server hosting service provider, you need to ensure that you have best business practices for enterprise email solutions, and to help, here is a checklist:

Enterprise Email Solutions

Messages from a Dedicated IP Address

The success of an email marketing campaign depends on how well your message reaches your target audience. Sadly, several promotional or email marketing emails land in spam folders debilitating the whole marketing initiative. The issues are not only caused by using a wrong domain name, but also due to unorganised mail server hosting services. A shared mail hosting server may have bad websites that are flagged as spam, and consequently makes your IP flagged. On the contrary, leveraging a dedicated IP address ensures a clean record and the rest depends on other elements of your marketing tools. Sender’s mail address should be from the domain and not IP address. For example, is identified as a valid sender whereas user@195. 123.8.19 does not.

Static Domain Name System

The sender must avoid using a dynamic IP address, and instead, go for an address that remains static throughout and follows a correct reverse Domain Name system (DNS). It is important because most anti-spam tools reject email from places whose reverse DNS doesn’t belong to a static email server but a dynamic address. If your business transaction involves email server, make sure your reverse DNS reflects your domain.

Authentic ‘FROM’ Domain

The FROM address plays a key role in resolving mail delivery problems. In the case of problems encountered during message delivery, if the address is unidentified, emails are also not accepted from that particular address. For example, is an accepted sender but in the case of addresses such as user@localhost, user@, or user@myfakedomain.not the domain will get rejected.

The Sender Server must Identify Itself with a Valid HELO

HELO is an SMTP command sent by a sender when connecting to an email server. Most email servers and anti-spam tools don’t allow emails to be received unless the sender server protocol is in place. The sender must ensure that the HELO is properly formatted and sent to every mail connection. Ensure that the HELO is an FQDN and the HELO string should follow the format, such as HELO and avoid format such as:

  • HELO
  • HELO localhost
  • HELO hostnameonly


If your emails are not reaching to desired addresses, these best server practices can help. To leverage these practices, however, it is important that you choose an experienced and established mail server hosting services provider. We, at i2k2 Networks, equipped with years of experience in the industry, have the right set of skills and acumen to help our clients with every computer related problem. Should you wish to learn more about our dedicated mail server hosting solutions, feel free to reach us at +91- 9711774040 or +91-120-466 3031.