Benefits of VASTRU SHASTRA’s Principles: Very Important Article

The Vastru Shastra has offered many benefits to you. These benefits are totally connected to the meaning and reasons behind the living processes of people. Most human beings are struggling to find their harmony and well being.     

Vastru Shastra’s principles are there because of the following: 

• To create well being
• To achieve work excellence
• To balance monetary income and expense so that there is no loss
• To effect an aura of well being, contentment and spiritual satisfaction in the built space
• To allow for growth and prosperity
• To enhance curiosity and learning 
According to the Vastu Shastra, if you consider the color, taste, smell and texture of the soil then you will be benefited like: 

• The soil white in color, sweet taste, having lotus smell and that contain greenery is good for the learned people as well as for teachers.
• The soil yellow/pale green in color, sour taste and grainish smell is good for the Business class people.
• The soil red in color, astringent in taste and smelling blood is good for Warrior class.
• The soil black in color, bitter taste and having pungent smell is good for the lower or backward working class.

You will be benefited according to the suitable direction:

• Plot facing EAST is good for philosophers, scholars, priests, teachers, professors etc.

• Plot facing WEST is for people who provide supporting services to the society. 

• Plot facing SOUTH is good for business class people and for those who work in business organizations. 

• Plot facing NORTH is good for those in Administrators, Power and those who is a government employee.     

The buyer should always keep in mind his Zodiac sign in selecting the plot. These are as follows:

• Cancer: EAST facing plot
• Scorpio: EAST facing plot
• Pisces: EAST facing plot
• Gemini: SOUTH facing plot
• Virgo: SOUTH facing plot
• Capricorn: SOUTH facing plot
• Taurus: WEST facing plot
• Libra: WEST facing plot
• Aquarius: WEST facing plot
• Aries: NORTH facing plot
• Leo: NORTH facing plot
• Sagittarius: NORTH facing plot
But, please it does not mean that Vastu is a magical way of getting things done well without any effort. So, I will not suggest you to not to depend totally on Vastu, use your mind and efforts as well.