Benefits of Dedicated IP Address Over Shared IP Address

When your website falls on the first page of Google, you have a better opportunity to sell your services and products online. To attain a higher position in search engine, the webmaster has to deploy various search engine optimization techniques. SEO experts constantly work on those SEO tactics to get a better position in order to generate more business leads. To maintain the stability of the website position, they mainly rely on the dedicated IP address and dedicated server hosting. This blog talks in detail about different types of IP addresses and their effects on the website ranking.

Benefits of Dedicated IP Address Over Shared IP Address

Different Types of IP Addresses

To understand how beneficial IP addresses are, you first need to know about two types of IP addresses. Every online business uses a web hosting company. While choosing the web hosting, people don’t pay attention to what kind of IP address was assigned to their account; shared or dedicated hosting IP address.

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1. Shared IP address

When you sign up for shared hosting, many websites are hosted on that single machine. This means that all the websites share the same platform and automatically identified by the same IP address that is provided by the server.

2. Dedicated IP address

Dedicated IP address means the website has its own IP address and dedicated server hosting. Typing the IP address or the website URL will lend you to the same website. A dedicated IP address is mainly used by e-commerce websites because these websites contain sensitive information like personal data and card details.

There are many debates around the benefits of IP addresses on SEO and website ranking. When we talk about dedicated IP address, it is the one that enhances the website loading time which is a major perspective as per Google algorithm for a good SEO that boosts the website ranking. That is why SEO experts majorly rely on dedicated server hosting for a dedicated IP address for a useful SEO. Now we will discuss the benefits of dedicated IP address.

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Benefits of Using Dedicated IP address Over Shared IP Address

1. 100% Secure

A dedicated IP address is the best way to restrict irrelevant traffic from the web that results in quick load time of the website. It makes websites 100% secure whereas, in shared IP address, it attracts huge traffic as multiple websites share same IP address which is not secure and affects the performance of the website.

2. Enhances Speed & Performance

Having dedicated IP address for your dedicated server hosting helps to enhance the website speed, ensures security and raises the performance of the website many more times than that of the shared IP address.

3. SSL Certificate

As per the new search engine algorithms, Google started giving preference to the HTTPS website rather than to HTTP website. This certificate protects the domain name from phishing scams. This SSL certificate is used by websites with dedicated server hosting or dedicated IP address that contains sensitive information. Before using e-commerce websites, users must ensure that website has SSL certificate. This can be checked by the green bar or lock icon in the URL.

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Final Words

When looking for dedicated servers in India, it is important to check for dedicated IP address. It not only enhances the speed and performance of the website but also helps the SEO masters in boosting the performance and ranking of the website in search engine. If you are looking for a dedicated server in India, i2k2 Networks has the solution for you. I2k2 Networks is helping its clients from a couple of decades in providing various types of dedicated server hosting. For more information on dedicated server hosting and dedicated IP addresses, contact us at +91-120-466 3031 or fill out the contact form.