Benefits of DR solutions for Microsoft Azure IaaS Applications

After the announcement of the general availability of Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions for Azure Virtual Machine (VM) using Azure Site Recovery (ASR), Azure has become the first public cloud to provide native Disaster Recovery solution for applications deployed on Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform. The applications can be made resilient to region level failures using replication of virtual machines into another region.

In this post, we will discuss some of the advantages of these DR solutions.

Advantages of DR solutions for Microsoft Azure IaaS Applications –

  • No infrastructure required: The customers do not require any additional software infrastructure, such as VMs or applications along with the Azure subscription to enable this feature. There is no additional cost at all for deploying, monitoring, patching and maintaining any DR infrastructure.
  • Top notch RPO and RTO performance: Azure Site Recovery (ASR) is supported with 99.9% SLA and a comprehensive 24x7x365 support to keep the enterprise running. The recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) offered are accurate enough to assure the availability and compliance of the Azure applications to the enterprises.
  • Selection of DR Region: Users are allowed to select the DR region according to the workload flexibility. They can easily replicate and protect the IaaS based applications that run on Azure to a different Azure region within a certain geographical cluster of their choice.
  • Automatic DR Resource creation: The simplified user-friendly experience with automatic DR resource enables the cross-region replication. Just select the Virtual machine which you wish to protect and then choose a target Azure region, review the replication settings and proceed further. The Azure Site Recovery (ASR) instance automatically creates the required target resources such as virtual network and storage.

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  • Auto-updates: Azure Site Recovery (ASR) releases a cadence on a monthly basis which reports all the enhancements and advancements added to the existing features or even fixes any added or known issue that exists in a particular feature. Users can always be on the latest version using this auto-update feature and also avoid the overhead management expense and deployment of the patches.
  • Quick Monitoring and comprehensive troubleshooting: ASR includes advanced level monitoring capabilities such as vault dashboards and email notifications that helps to monitor the DR health and its related failover readiness. The feature also troubleshoots any issue quickly.
  • Application Recovery: The recovery plans of ASR allow the users to manage the recovery of the enterprise applications to meet the strict recovery time requirements as per the business needs.
  • Operating system Support: The ASR extends the support to both Windows and Linux operating systems. The monthly cadence assures the users about the latest Linux OS versions.

Bottom-Line –

Azure Site Recovery offers DR protection to the whole Azure global infrastructure in an efficient manner. The internal DR movement that happens between one Azure infra to another, critically accommodate the application and data flow independently. ASR channelizes a powerful approach towards any complex issue. If you wish to optimize the DR solutions for your business needs, contact i2k2 Networks that offers fastest tools for data backup and disaster recovery solutions. Contact us at +91-120-466 3031 | +91971-177-4040 or can drop a mail to our sales team at