Beginner’s Guide to Amazon Cloud Services

Beginner’s Guide to Amazon Cloud Services

The world is fast adapting to cloud computing, and Amazon Cloud Services deliver unmatched performance, reliability, and scalability for all types of organizations. They bring a wide range of services such as app deployment, user account management, data warehousing, and tools for almost every digital aspect that a business might need. Keep reading to know more about Amazon cloud services and the incredible benefits organizations of all sizes stand to leverage.

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What Are The Specific Services Available?

As mentioned before, Amazon cloud services cater to almost all the digital needs of a business. Here is a list of a few cloud services you can avail:

Amazon Aurora

Main option to deploy a relational database in the cloud

Amazon Athena

Query service that allows you to run SQL queries in the cloud

AWS CloudFront

Content Delivery Network that runs on the cloud and can scale as per your requirements


Similar to a virtual machine that runs in the cloud and allows you to deploy instances

AWS Batch

Batch processing service for big data projects that adapts as your projects increase or decrease

AWS Command Line Interface

CLI is a downloadable application that grants you control of AWS functions

AWS CloudFormation

Method to mold the cloud that eases deployment and management of web and mobile applications

AWS AppSync

Keeps web and mobile applications up-to-date to an adequate level depending on your requirements

Amazon Connect

Effective service to improve customer experience, while using the cloud and save storage for small businesses as well.

How Does AWS Revolutionize App Management

Amazon web services can be effectively integrated into web and mobile applications to manage numerous aspects. Be it analytics to help track the real-time performance of your website, develop blockchain networks alongside ledger applications, integrating pre-trained artificial intelligence services, or Amazon Sumerian that allows you to develop and run 3D, augmented reality, and virtual reality applications, it is a true one-stop-package. In addition, the Internet of Things (IoT) feature offered with amazon cloud computing services lets you scale your business and deploy upgrades on applications without compromising security while also helping you respond to security issues.

How Does It Help Businesses And Companies

Amazon cloud services offer a wide range of services such as storage, database, global computing, and deployment services that are guaranteed to enhance operational efficiency and overall profitability of companies and businesses. A few key benefits of Amazon cloud computing services are top-grade security, seamless scalability, excellent flexibility and customizability, pay-for-what-you-avail, and 100% reliability.

Let The Experts Guide You

Amazon cloud services are guaranteed to help enhance business efficiency and boost growth while increasing the overall profitability. The team of proficient professionals at i2k2 Networks provides top-grade and efficient AWS services and assists you every step of the way. For answers to all your questions about amazon cloud services in India, call at +91-120-466-3031 (Sales), +91-120-466-3000 (Support). You can also fill our Contact Form or email (Sales) or (Support).