Battery Enhancer saves charging time

About Battery Enhancer

Battery Enhancer is designed to extend the service life of rechargeable battery two to three times. It charges very quickly and it saves 50% of charging time and extends the standby time up to 0.5 to 2 times.

How Battery Enhancer works?

By adopting a newly developed special material, the Battery Enhancer is processed that can activate the flowing of li-ion within the rechargeable battery, increase the battery capacity, carry out fast dissolving of the deposit waste and prolong the standby time and life span and reduces the charging time. Its laminated composite technology is the main function layer, the surface layer and the bottom layer to achieve battery functions.

Battery Enhancer is very effective in its function of used rechargeable battery prolongs the standby time and reducing charging time. It will be more effective for such lithium rechargeable battery which can not be recharged, but after it has been recharged and discharged repeatedly for 1-3 times, it will definitely increase the capacity of the used rechargeable battery by 10% to 85% to keep a longer life span.

Various features of Battery Enhancer

•    Can be fit with any mobile phone battery
•    Help your old mobile phone battery to use long time
•    Recover deteriorated batteries
•    Raise battery`s charging ability
•    Shorten charge time
•    Easy to use
•    Less frequent charging
•    Top of that you are helping the Mother Earth to save energy as well as reduce waste

Where to use Battery Enhancer?

Battery Enhancer can be used on the mobile phones, video games, MP3 set, walkie-talkie, digital camera, palm computer, notebook computer, video camera, video recorder, and other electrical and electronic gadgets.

How to use Battery Enhancer?

It should be pasted on the battery of the cell phone to get good results. While pasting, attention should be paid, electrode of battery should be avoided. For effective results, it must cover more than 70 percent of the battery area when being pasted on the battery.

So, I hope you are now aware of the advantages of Battery Enhancer and also how to use it.