AWS Media Services: A Complete Solution for Seamless Video Content Management

A Complete Solution for Seamless Video Content Management

Given the plethora of digital content available to users today, the entertainment marketplace is becoming increasingly competitive. Gripping, on-demand video content is all around us. In a world of “any time, anywhere” access to content, media companies can’t help but reinvent the process of creating and monetizing videos. To ensure the retention of their target audience, an increasing number of media houses are exploring cloud solutions for their content management needs. One of the most comprehensive solutions to enable this transformation is the AWS Media Package. Also known as AWS Elemental Media Services, the comprehensive suite of cloud-based media solutions covers various aspects of preparation, processing, and delivery of live or on-demand video content through the following offerings:

AWS Media Package

AWS Elemental MediaConnect

AWS Elemental MediaConnect service allows users to deploy live video over the cloud and distribute it to multiple destinations.

AWS Elemental MediaConvert

AWS Elemental MediaConvert is a video-processing service that offers advanced features like closed captioning support, still overlays, advanced audio, and multiple input format support.

AWS Elemental MediaLive

The AWS Elemental MediaLive module allows publishers to encode high-quality live videos for broadcast or streaming.

AWS Elemental MediaPackage

Through the AWS Elemental MediaPackage service, customers can prepare live video streams and reliably deliver them to various content delivery networks.

AWS Elemental MediaStore

AWS Elemental MediaStore deals with the storage of video content and helps to build reliable media workflows

AWS Elemental MediaTailor

AWS Elemental MediaTailor is an ad insertion service that enables the monetization of video content with the help of personalized ads.

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Advantages of AWS Media Solutions

Over and above the host of features that the package offers, AWS Media Solutions lend the following advantages to its users:

Quality content

The suite of media services and rich features offered by the AWS Media Package empowers users to create high-quality content to ensure a superior viewing experience. With the highest security standards in place, users can rest assured about the reliability of the services on offer.


The suite allows users to enhance or decrease storage capacity as well as tweak networking requirements. It is scalable to meet the specific content management needs of the user.


Using cloud-based AWS media solutions is economical as it enables dynamic allocation and provisioning of resources which helps in catering to unpredictable changes in demand without additional investment.

Wrap Up

If you want to enhance the quality of your video content and elevate the viewing experience of your end-users, AWS Media Services is your one-stop solution. i2k2 Networks has vast experience in fulfilling the content management requirements of players in the media and entertainment industry. Contact the experts at i2k2 Networks at +91-120-466-3031 or email for more details.