Article On Off Page Optimization

In our previous article we had discussed about the On Page Optimization.

In this article we will discuss about the off page optimization and some important tips about Off Page Optimization

Off Page Optimization: Off Page Optimization means to optimize our website without any modification in our website pages. Off Page optimization is as much important as Off page optimization for website promotion. Like On page Optimization, in off page optimization also have some important process. We will discuss each process step by step.

1. Directory Submission: There are great advantages of directory submission. In directory submission you can easily get back links. Google loves those sites listed in big directories like DMOZ. Your website may get good traffic too and Google gives good ranking.

Avoid To Use:

  • Submitting website in unrelated categories
  • Submitting websites in Spam directories
  • Submitting website in porn and Gambling sites

2. Article Submission: Your website can also get the traffic from articles related to your business, products and services. Article is another way to get the back links. You can write good articles with hyper linked keywords and can submit them in high ranked websites. Google prefer those websites having back links from good articles.

Avoid To Use:

  • Unrelated articles
  • Submitting same article in different websites
  • Lots of hyper linked keywords
  • Keyword Stuffing

3. Link Building: Link Building is another way to get the back links. Actually in link building there are three types of linking with other websites

  • One way Linking: These are the best links. Google loves those websites having maximum number of quality one way links. In one way link webmaster put your website link on his website.
  • Two way or Reciprocal Linking: In this type of linking webmaster put your link on his website and in reverse you would have to put his link on your website. Google does not give much value to them
  • Three Way Linking: In this type of linking website A links to website B, website B links to website C and website C links to website A. Search engines face problems to find that type of linking because of their complexity.

Avoid To Use:

  • Back links from spam websites
  • Back links Non theme based websites
  • Back links Porn and gambling sites
  • Paid Back Links

4. Commenting on Blog and Forums: It is another way to gain quality back links. You can also get the good platform to explore your business.

Avoid to Use:

  • Non informative comments like to say just Only “Nice Article”
  • Not related to the topic of the forums or blog

5. Press Release: Press release basically tells the current activities of your company. Good press release gives you quality back links instantly. Google loves quality press release. How ever writing press release is not an easy task

6. Social Media Sites and Bookmarking: You can promote your website in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Social Bookmarking websites like Stumbleupon and Delicious are also helpful for sharing your links with others