Anthos is the new name for Google Cloud Services Platform: Now operational on AWS and Azure

Google Anthos announcement

Google recently announced the general availability of Anthos- an all-inclusive service for hybrid cloud and workload management to be run on the Google Kubernetes Engine and Google Cloud Platform at Moscone Center, San Francisco.

Interestingly, Anthos will comprehensively supporting the company’s biggest competitors- Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform, as well. Anthos is aimed to offer flexibility while migrating the on-prem apps to the cloud along with Anthos Migrate in beta version for the portability across clouds without modifying the apps or the virtual machines.

With notable support from 30 major tech and developer services including infrastructure service providers such as Cisco, MongoDB, HPE, and VMware, Anthos is all geared up to mark its presence in the real computing world.

To put it simply, Anthos offers the security we need, the portability we aspire and the productivity that developers crave to attain.

Image source – Google Cloud