Amazon Outposts: The First True On-Premise Offering from AWS

Amazon Outposts from AWS

With the recent announcement of Amazon Web Services launching an on-premises data center model that will allow users to mirror their own cloud operations is likely to bring a major drift in hybrid computing strategy in cloud technology. Amazon Cloud Services has introduced Outposts services to replicate the user’s data center with the exact same hardware being used in Amazon’s data centers currently.

Let us understand how exactly Amazon Outposts will bring down cloud hardware on-premises.

What is Amazon Outposts?

What is Amazon Outposts

Amazon Outposts is a newly introduced service by Amazon Web Services that will basically bring down the native AWS services, infrastructures, and Amazon’s operating models virtually to any data center, co-location spaces, or on-premise facilities. Users can utilize the same APIs, tools, hardware along with the same functionality across cloud and on-premises to deliver a consistent hybrid experience. The Outposts service from Amazon support workloads with low-latency or local data processing needs and needs to remain on-premises.

Variants of Amazon Outposts

Variants of Amazon Outposts

AWS Outposts comes in two different variants namely, VMware Cloud Variant and AWS Native Variant.

  • Option 1: The VMware Cloud variant deployed on AWS Outposts allow customers to use the same VMware control plane and APIs required to run their infrastructure.
  • Option 2: Whereas the AWS native variant of AWS Outposts allow users to use the exact APIs and control planes required to run the infrastructure in the AWS cloud, but on-premises.

The infrastructure provided by AWS Outposts is fully managed, maintained, and supported by AWS to offer access to the latest services of AWS.

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Features of AWS Outposts

Let us discuss some of the features of AWS Outposts that is going to impact the hybrid cloud infrastructure of your organization.

  • Proven AWS Infrastructure: Since, AWS Outposts are built using the same infrastructure used in AWS data centers, the level of hardware security and performance on AWS for on-premise applications remains same. This helps the users from recertifying the applications on different hardware.
  • Custom Configurations: A wide range of resources such as compute, memory, and storage options are available to users, helping them customize the ideal configuration for the enterprise application.
  • Fully-Managed Infrastructure: Upgrades to automatically operate, update, and maintain the infrastructure management of software and helps to eliminate the task of regular downloads of new software, security patches, and new functionalities.
  • Monitoring the health and performance of Outposts infrastructure.
  • One programming Interface to help customers use the same programming interface, APIs, console, and CLI on the AWS cloud for the on-premises applications.

Benefits of AWS Outposts

Here are some of the notable benefits of AWS Outposts, expected to transform the AWS hybrid cloud infrastructure experience into one of its kind in near future.

  • Fully Managed: Outposts are fully managed services supported by AWS which automatically manages and updates the AWS Outposts with current operations in public AWS region.
  • Extend AWS on-premises: AWS Outposts help users to develop and deploy the applications on AWS cloud or on-premises without rewriting them.
  • Choice of Management Planes: AWS Outposts offer users to choose from two distinctive range of services and manage planes for their APIs, management console, automation, policies, and security controls.
  • Futuristic Infrastructure: AWS Outposts offer a very promising range of cloud resources, such as compute, memory, and storage based on the requirement.

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The Conclusion

Introducing AWS Outposts will create a more challenging landscape for its competitors like Google and Microsoft. Moving forward towards the advancement through AWS Outposts will help a lot of applications and workloads to remain on-premises for latency, legacy and security reasons. Eventually, a seamless transition between public and private clouds could be attained which lacks in the present scenario.

As the world witnesses’ the great range of computing services and offerings launched by cloud services providers to enrich their customer-centric approach, we hope you would not wish to lag behind and keep your services outdated.

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