Amazon invests heavily on India data center to meet data localization norms

Amazon Web Services India data center announcement

To meet the data localization policies of India, Amazon Web Services has increased its investment in data center infrastructure in the country. With the government of India talking stronger initiatives for data protection laws for the IT and e-commerce companies that operates currently in the country, it is now mandatory for all the organizations to store the financial data of Indian users in India only.

Data localization is focused to protect the data and information of citizens against identity threats, data breaches and other forms of vulnerabilities. With data center in Mumbai including two availability zones, this Asia Pacific region has been developed by AWS to meet the compliance standards and offer high-level security to its customers.

The company claims to invest a whopping amount of $198 Million USD into its data services arm and make its data center facilities capable of delivering cloud computing services along with data storage, hosting and protection.

Besides all its e-commerce business, Amazon operates its data services through Amazon Data Services India and Amazon Internet Services. This recent investment in the data center in India expected to help Amazon establish a stronger presence in the country to compete effectively against its cloud rivals such as Microsoft and Alibaba.