All You Need To Know About IT Managed Services Providers

Every organization wants its IT infrastructure to work perfectly with little to no downtimes. Buying or renting your infrastructure is just part of the story as you need an IT team that knows what it’s doing. A team that can seamlessly integrate your servers with your daily operations. This is where MSPs such as i2k2 Networks come in.

Managed Services

‘Managed Services Providers’ or ‘IT managed service providers’ are responsible for maintaining, regulating, altering and controlling a wide range of processes and functions of the server, this enhances the client’s operational performance and cuts their costs. This model allows the clients to own the server system being managed and outsource the delivery such as of managed Windows server to an MSP. The client and the MSP are bound by a contract specifying different metrics of performance and payment.

These are some common services that offered by reputable MSPs

  • Compute – On-demand bare metal deployment and the option to create a bespoke compute, storage and networking environment.
  • Database – In-depth application, management, and optimization of MySQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL servers.
  • Networking – Building a secure network infrastructure (firewalls, load balancer, custom switches) based on network security expertise, this includes monitoring, threat detection, and mitigation.
  • Storage – Available 24×7, highly scalable and customizable storage solutions ( Storage Area Network, Network Attached Storage, Disaster Recovery, Regular Backups ) to store your precious data.
  • Virtualization – Amalgate the performance and security of dedicated servers with the cost-efficiency of a cloud-like infrastructure model.
  • Support – Certified specialists who deliver results 24x7x365 by phone, email, or chat.

Advantages of a managed windows server

  • The multi-user feature enables the system to be used by all company employees.
  • Management and administration of your data us centralized, this improves the efficiency of your daily operations.
  • Always updated with the latest technologies and skills in the field.
  • The cost and quality of service are optimized constantly.
  • Security protocols ensure the complete safety of your sensitive data.

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Last Word

You need to partner with a leading name in the managed service providers industry in India. I2k2 Networks brings you bespoke server solutions that are performance-oriented, cost-effective and highly optimized. You also get 24x7x365 customer support and access to a technical team to ensure that your company and its daily operations are safely up and running round-the-clock whether you need Managed Windows or Linux server services. Call us today at +91-120-466-3031 or +91-97-1177-4040. You can also email us at