All You Need to Know About AWS Security Services

All You Need to Know About AWS Security Services

Hackers present an everpresent threat to organizations that run on Cloud. It is important for businesses to deal with security challenges pertaining to data privacy, integrity, non-authentication and non-repudiation, and a range of online attacks such as DDoS, phishing, SQL injection, man-in-the-middle attacks, and Phlashing. There is a range of AWS services that are designed to help businesses protect their cloud infrastructure from hackers. Let’s take a closer look at some of the top Amazon cloud computing services designed to protect your cloud infrastructure.

AWS Shield

As mentioned before, DDoS attacks pose a significant risk to the security of cloud infrastructure. AWS Shield is a managed service that protects your application running on AWS. You can opt for AWS Shield standard or Advanced depending on your requirements. The standard option comes at no additional cost and protects you against common DDoS attacks on your website or applications.


AWS WAF is a great choice for organizations with CloudFront or Application Load Balancer as it sits above these services within your infrastructure. The service is a Web Application Firewall that controls all web requests by sending them to ALB, CloudFront, or Amazon API Gateway. It can allow or block web requests according to the rules and conditions that you set.

AWS Inspector

AWS Inspector helps organizations get better security and compliance of applications on Cloud. It is an automated security assessment service that ensures best practices and provides details on security issues by automatically checking your applications for vulnerabilities and deviations. AWS inspector runs Amazon Inspector Assessment on EC2 instances with specific tags.

Amazon GuardDuty

Amazon GuardDuty safeguards your AWS accounts and workloads by using threat intelligence feeds. It is an intrusion detection service that stays on top of unauthorized behavior and malicious activity that assists with issues such as the use of exposed credentials, the escalation of privileges, and communication with malicious IPs, URLs, and Domains.

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Last Word

Other AWS Security services that you get through a dedicated hosting provider include AWS Key Management Service (KMS). You can get more information on AWS Security services when you talk to an AWS cloud consultant such as i2k2 Networks. We are a leading provider of Amazon cloud computing services, AWS support, Windows hosting, Linux hosting, and other managed IT services. Call +91 120 466 3031 or +91 956 026 2223. You can also email us at