About Wealth Management Services

Wealth management services have been getting more attention over the last few years.
Wealth Management is an advanced investment services that include financial planning private banking, family office services, Investment Management Services, Wealth Management Consulting Services and other financial services. The key objectives are to provide high net worth individuals and families with tailored retail banking services, estate planning, legal resources, taxation advice and investment management, with the goal of sustaining and growing long-term wealth. Whereas financial planning can be helpful for individuals who have accumulated wealth or are just starting to accumulate wealth, one must already have accumulated a significant amount of wealth for the wealth management process to be effective. Today, a number of private banks offer this service. Also entering this arena and carving a niche for themselves are standalone entities that offer the full range of services — investment advice, portfolio management, taxation advice et al.

Client Associates is one such entity that began operations just seven years ago. Client Associates (CA) is India’s First boutique “Family Office Firm” founded by Senior Private Bankers to provide a professional platform of Private Wealth Management services in India. CA was founded in May, 2002 and operates out of four offices at Gurgaon, New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Its Core Team includes Arjun Gupta, Himanshu Kohli & Rohit Sarin who had spent years in the areas of Corporate Finance, Investment Banking and Private Banking before setting up CA.
While laying the foundation of Client Associates we were guided by a single minded client centric approach. It began with our name itself. Then our practice model was built around the very needs of a client. CA’s unique selling point is that it manages the total financial affairs of their clients. In other words a Private Banker at Client Associates is the Chief Financial Officer or “CFO” for his Client Familie
Over the years the acceptance of CA by private clients at large and the goodwill that it has generated in the Wealth Management Industry continues to be the source of energy for its growth. Today Client Associates is recognized by private clients and the industry at large as not only the Pioneers of Family Office in India but also as one of the “Best Team of Private Bankers” in India.
A typical Private Client of Client Associates is an informed and knowledgeable Client Family, which has and is creating Private Wealth. Together they constitute the most successful section of our society. They are high profile Corporate Heads, Successful Professionals & Entrepreneurs and Eminent Business Owners.

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