A Look at Agaston Mobile’s Migration to AWS Cloud

From the 27th of September to the 19th of October in 2017, i2k2 Networks partnered with Agaston Mobile to assist the latter to migrate its workload to AWS Cloud. The objective was to help Agaston Mobile improve business agility and operational efficiency. The company is located in Noida and is behind the TA-1 and TA-2 mobiles. Here is a look at the challenges faced in the project and the solutions implemented by i2k2 Networks to attain seamless migration.


Agaston Mobile hosted its server infrastructure (SAP-B1, etc) on Azure Cloud at great cost. The workload monthly costs shot through the roof and proved to be unsustainable after running for 2 months. That is why the company sought to migrate its workload to AWS and deploy cost-effective solutions. The need was for infrastructure re-design to deploy SAP applications on Public Cloud with secure and redundant database deployment. In executing the project, i2k2 Networks had to assist Agaston Mobile’s IT Team to use the cloud to deploy its servers and secure everything with a robust monitoring system.

  • SAP B1 Application server with RDP Access.
  • MS SQL Database high availability with cost-effective solutions.
  • CRM deployment with High Availability.
  • Monitoring with alert and notifications.

How We Made it Happen

We analyzed Agaston Mobile’s existing infrastructure which comprised two SAP B1 servers and SQL Database server, CRM Server and CRM Database Server on Azure cloud. RDP connections were being used to access servers. After the analysis, we designed architecture on the AWS cloud and planned to migrate the application workload. The MSSQL Database that was in use couldn’t be migrated to RDS due to RDS SQL limitations. To get around the problem, the i2k2 Networks team deployed a SQL Virtual machine with a high availability solution. Database Mirroring with SQL server Standard Edition was deployed to ensure database high availability. This was a cost-effective approach as opposed to going for SQL which would require SQL Enterprise Editions. Our team reinstalled the SAP B1 and migrated the configuration to AWS server after which they reinstalled the CRM and migrated the configuration from Azure cloud server. We chose to go with Cloud Watch, Cloud Trail, and SES to monitor and notify the team about issues of concern. The primary AWS Services that we used in the project include SAP Server, SAP Database, CRM DB, Witness Server, and Alerts/Cloud Watch/Cloud Trail.

We are your partner of choice

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