7 Fundamental AWS Services you Need to Run a Successful Business

7 Fundamental AWS Services you Need to Run a Successful Business

Running a successful business is not easy as there are a lot of tasks that need to be performed. The smooth running of applications and big database management are some of the major tasks that have to be on point. Amazon Services or AWS web service offers a cloud computing platform that helps businesses run different operations smoothly and efficiently. Some of the notable advantages of choosing Amazon web hosting include cost-effectiveness, flexibility, high scalability, and simple implementation. Here are some of the fundamental AWS services that most businesses need.

Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing

Amazon Elastic Cloud Computing is one of the first services that were offered under the Amazon Web Services cluster. It gives cloud-based computing power to the users according to their needs. It is scalable, allowing you to adjust the computing power according to your needs whenever the need arises. The flexibility that comes with Amazon EC2 allows you to configure the memory, instance storage, CPU, and Boot Partition size according to your business’s demands.

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Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage service is another fundamental service offered by AWS. It is a scalable data storage service that allows you to keep your data stored on the cloud. S3 comes with storage classes that allow you to designate different levels of your data for easy accessibility.

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud

If your business needs a virtual private network, the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud service is for you. It is an Amazon cloud service that provides an isolated segment of Amazon Web Services. You can completely customize the network configuration in Virtual Private Network including IP address, routing tables, subnet distribution, and network gateways. It can work with both IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.

Amazon CloudWatch

Storing your data on the cloud is not enough as you need data about your applications and resources so that you can analyze their performance. Amazon CloudWatch collects the data received from AWS applications and allows you to keep an eye on the performance of your AWS deployment.

AWS Auto Scaling

AWS services come with great application scalability for optimized performance and costs. AWS Auto Scaling allows you to scale up or down your resources according to the requirements of your business as and when needed. AWS Auto Scaling continuously monitors the AWS services and applications that you use and helps in calculating the optimal measure of resources needed for your business. It also helps you in setting a utilization target to maintain optimum resource usage.

AWS Cost Explorer

When you are using several AWS services, you need to manage your expenses well. With AWS Cost Explorer, you get a tool that helps you keep a track of the cost incurred for AWS and resource usage. The tool uses historical and recent trends and can predict your future AWS expenses.

Amazon Relational Database Service

Amazon RDS is the database management service that helps your business by handling all the database related operations. It assists users in designing and managing the relational database and stores it on the cloud. RDS supports MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and Maria DB. It reduces your database management costs by eliminating the need for installing a separate infrastructure for Database Management.

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