69% of Indian firms face serious cyber-attack risk

Cyber security risks

With cyber-attacks taking its toll on the IT enterprises in today’s world, about 69% of Indian and 63% of Australian companies have confirmed that they are at the higher end of the respective risk, as stated by a survey. Another study revealed that even though a majority of the organization, about 72%, invest in regular breach assessments to protect and cover themselves against cyber-attacks, only 17% of them continue to remain safe.

With 95% of respondents indulged on a digital transformation journey, adopting emerging technologies such as cloud computing, IoT, mobility, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, almost 65% of these respondents acknowledged their challenges while executing the transformation projects. The less mature approach taken by the business leaders to involve cyber-security while designing the digital transformation projects are one of the prime reasons for this challenge.

Also, 83% of the companies do not consider cyber-security as the major initiative towards the security paradigm until the digital transformation has begun. Cloud being the key components of digital transformation makes cloud service provider equally responsible to maintain the security of an enterprise.

Usually, security and compliances are observed as the shared responsibility between an organization and cloud service provider, negligence of which again has resulted in a higher number cyber-attacks.

It’s high time to pause, re-think and redesign your security infrastructure before things go out of your control. Remember every little contribution and every little step taken towards the cyber-security, proffers a safe, robust and reliable IT infrastructure that promotes growth and sustainability.