6 Reasons Why Businesses are Choosing Linux Dedicated Servers

Businesses are Choosing Linux Dedicated Servers

Over the years, Linux has emerged as one of the preferred web hosting platforms for several businesses. This UNIX based and open source platform is considered to be more synchronized with technical advancements. What attracts site owners and developers towards Linux is its strong ecosystem of development platforms, applications, and server components. If you are looking for Linux hosting in India, i2k2 Networks is the perfect partner for you. Continuing on the topic, in this blog post, we present six reasons why businesses are going for Linux dedicated servers. Take a look.

How Linux Works?

Managed Linux hosting gives access to FTP to enable the user to upload files on the server through a hard drive. The uniqueness of Linux is its SSH provision or telnet access that allows the interpretation of user data over TCP (Transmission Control Protocol).

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Advantages of Linux Web Hosting

Apart from the ones discussed above, Linux web hosting has several other advantages.

Enhanced Security and Stability

Linux provides a robust platform when it comes to your data safety and steadiness. Vulnerabilities can be discovered and eliminated much quicker given its open-source nature as opposed to other proprietary systems that rely on the release of patches by in-house teams.

Easy Backup

For website owners, it is essential to have a backup of your website, especially when its access is non-redundant. Linux comes with several inbuilt tools to support secure backup.

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Multiple Plans

Linux web hosting comes with several basic plans, such as FTP access, MySQL services, Common Gateway Interface (CGI) scripting, and email access.

24X7 Technical Support

Linux is known to offer the best troubleshooting facility and technical support to users. Because it is an open-source platform, there are always new technologies and developments in store for users.

Low Cost

The licensing cost for Linux dedicated servers or shared hosting is lower than that of Windows hosting. Also, set up charges, software, and monthly costs are lesser than many other hosting platforms.

High Performance

Servers implementing Linux hosting solutions are capable of supporting higher websites-per-server-ratio. Also, there is no compromise in service quality.

In a Nutshell

The market dynamics are changing rapidly, and the rate at which businesses are opting for open-source solutions is also increasing globally. Data centers are switching to Linux and other open-source tools to provide more affordable, reliable, and advanced solutions to their clients. With so many advantages, businesses that go for Linux web hosting solutions definitely have a better experience than their competition.

Wrap Up

Linux is a popular web hosting platform owing to its reliability and excellent technical support. There are several other advantages to choosing Linux web hosting, with some already discussed in the post. A reputable name in the business, such as i2k2 Networks can help you implement Linux dedicated servers in a seamless and cost-effective manner. To discuss your requirements or learn more about managed Linux hosting and server, feel free to call us at +91-120-466-3031 or +91-971-177-4040. You can also fill out our contact form or write to us at sales@i2k2.com.