5 Reasons Why Vaultize Must be Your Default Data Security Platform

Unlike a decade ago, data is no longer restricted to desktops. Business organizations now use a number of devices such as smartphones, laptops and other computing devices to run the show, that too irrespective of the users’ physical locations. Amidst a significant rise in BYOD, implementing and maintaining information security is a challenge. Vaultize is an enterprise level file security and backup solution that allows business users to share, edit, and annotate files on the go without sacrificing visibility and accessible on any device. Continuing the discussion, the blog post discusses five reasons why Vaultize deserves a place in your organization’s security and backup strategy.

Data Security Platform

Why Vaultize for enterprise level file security and backup solution?

1. Zero Dependency on VPN

Vaultize is a VPN-free technology that essentially means administrators don’t have to spend hours over setting-up and maintaining a VPN. Encryption is done through a cutting-edge AES-256 encryption technology that eliminates the requirement of having a separate VPN to send data through an encrypted tunnel. All in all, organizations save the costs that would otherwise need to be incurred in deploying and maintaining a VPN channel.

2.  Encryption and Deduplication

Vaultize leverages the patented Vault KNOX technology for a military grade, AES-256 bit encryption to backup data before it hits the server. All backup tasks are performed in real-time, which means your business users no longer need to worry about losing even a byte of  data ever, no matter the file extension. On top of that, Vaultize also uses fingerprinting and chunking algorithms to save up to 90 percent bandwidth during the initial backup or when any changes are made to the backup. All backups are updated in real-time, leaving no room for any data loss.

3. Data Loss Prevention

Endpoint protection and remote wiping are one of those features that separates Vaultize from rest of the competition. Unauthorized data access is a challenge for most organizations and Vaultize offers a viable solution to the problem. Administrators can go for either file-level or folder level encryption to protect data residing on windows endpoints from prying eyes or unauthorized access. Administrators can also utilize the remote wiping feature to completely erase data from stolen devices or as and when required.

4. Multiple Deployment Options

Vaultize supports a number of deployment options to match the diverse needs of an organization’s technical environment. That said, Vaultize can be deployed as a cloud-in-a box appliance, on premise private cloud or even on a public cloud as  hosted service. All deployment options, nonetheless, come with superior features such as end-to-end security, data privacy and administrative controls.

5. Intelligent Algorithms

Vaultize is a cutting-edge backup solution that uses adaptive algorithms to control the speed of backup. For controlling the backup speed, a complex set of algorithms continuously track the CPU, memory and network utilization on the client device. If utilization is normal, the backup continues at a normal pace whereas the speed may go down during periods of high utilization without compromising system performance and user experience.

Wrapping Up

Using Vaultize, your business users can control data from anywhere on the go, eliminating the need for traditional, cumbersome file sharing methods such as FTP, DVD, and USB. Vaultize is an easy-to-deploy security and backup solution that keeps your organization immune to data breaches and loss. Enterprises around the globe, including Hitachi, IBM, and Ricoh use Vaultize to power their data security and backup needs. If you need to integrate Vaultize into your organization, i2k2 Networks can help. Our IT architects at i2k2 Networks can help you realize the full potential of Vaultize, a cutting-edge backup and recovery solution, without adding to your overheads. To learn more, fill out our contact form. You can also call us at +91-120-466 3031.