5 Reasons to Choose Linux Hosting for Your Business

5 Reasons to Choose Linux Hosting for Your Business

If you are looking to identify the best operating system for your new server, Linux can be a great choice. Linux is a robust and versatile operating system that supports a number of languages and scripts, making it one of the most preferred platforms for programmers and developers. If you want greater control of what you can do with your server, Linux is the best platform as it grants users full control. Programmers can easily fix bugs and update the source code of Linux according to their requirements. In this post, we look at five reasons to choose Linux hosting for your business.

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1. Versatile in Usage

Linux is equally useful for operating systems of newer devices as well as older machines. It presents a great way to revive older hardware and even the most outdated systems. This may not be important for many big businesses but it can be a great way for small businesses to reduce their expenses on new machines.

2. Easy to Use

Linux is a streamlined and fantastic platform for modern day developers. Unlike the rigid platforms of windows and apple, Linux is designed to be played with. Linux system is a modular system that helps you design an application or web solution anyway you want. It allows you to fiddle with the source code or build your own solution from scratch. The only rule that applies to Linux development is that the derivatives you build have to be open-source and free.

3. Open Source Platform

The Linux server is the only server option that offers open-source solutions to users. This is, perhaps, the best advantage of Linux. It is a collaborative system where anyone can contribute and it encourages more innovation in the field of servers. This means, as new minds and ideas are introduced to it, the server continues to improve over the years.

4. Less Vulnerable to Cyber Attacks

Ultimately, one cannot be completely sure of any operating system’s immunity against cyber-attacks. However, Linux has been unaffected during many major cyber-attacks to date. While other operating systems such as Windows rely on in-house teams to fix any problems, being an open source network ensures that any vulnerabilities in the Linux system are quickly found and fixed right away. Unlike Linux, Apple and Windows are the giants of the OS world, which makes them primary targets for cybercriminals.

5. Provides Better Privacy

Data privacy is an important factor to consider when looking for a hosting service provider. Operating systems gather more information about their user profiles, which may mean better usability for some but lack of privacy for others. Linux collects very little data from users, and given that it is customizable, you can always remove any software that you don’t like or trust.

Wrap Up

Linux is a strategic, reliable, and efficient platform for systems in many small, medium, and big companies. i2k2 Networks is one of the leading names when it comes to Linux hosting in India with industry experience of close to two decades. Our team of competent technocrats is dedicated to provide you with the best support for your hosting needs. To discuss your requirements with our team and learn more about Linux dedicated servers, simply call +91-120-466-3031. You can also fill out our contact form or email sales@i2k2.com, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.