5 Reasons to Think Beyond Free Webmails

Free webmails such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail, have been quite popular with the masses – thanks to their widespread publicity and free accessibility. Using web-mails at organisational levels, however, can prove to be mistake in the long-run. These services often use targeting ads and online spam-filters, in place of a client-based filter, which results in a multitude of people going over our email and browser history without our knowledge, in case we forget to opt out of this feature. Additionally, free webmail services require an uninterrupted internet connection to function, and offer limited mail storage capabilities and constrained attachment size. Secure email hosting services, such as Zimbra Mailing Solutions, on the other hand, offer better email encryption during transit and many other benefits. This post enlists five such benefits.

Secured Emails

#1 Webmail Security

Email hosting providers implement standard 128-bit encryption on their mail servers, which remains active during the entire webmail session. This implies that any data transit from the server is encrypted from the second you sign in and continues till you sign out. Thereby, users don’t have to face interception or compromise of sensitive messages, in any way possible. Secure email hosting services make use of security features such as firewall protection, SSL encryption, secure HTTPS connections, spam and antivirus filtering, to keep any unauthorized user at bay.

#2 IMAP and POP security

Businesses and enterprises, are today opting for email hosting solutions, because of the ability of the hosting solutions to enable desktop email clients to have secure access through IMAP (Internet Messaging Access Protocol)or POP(Post Office Protocol or Internet email protocol). All email traffic, including the transit of usernames and passwords required for authentication over mail server, is encrypted. Often, mailing solutions offer support for Linux and BSD clients, in addition to PDA’s, and other popular mail clients.

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#3 Storage

Businesses could very well forget about a lack of storage of emails, after signing up of a secure email hosting solution, as they provide an extensive amount of storage, usually in GB’s, for each mailbox signed up. Additionally, these mail solutions offer scalable email storage resources wherein one could easily upgrade storage as per requirement.This ensures that none of the important mails or work files get deleted due to limited mailbox space.Simply reach out to your hosted email service provider with the request to increase mailbox size, and the rest is taken care of, by the provider.

#4 Spam and Virus Filtering

Email hosting solutions block every single, potentially harmful mail before its entry into the network. Integration of anti-virus scanners is done into the SMTP gateways of the host, to negate any malicious mail entering into the network. Additionally, these services employ filtering methods such as whitelisting, blacklisting, and grey-listing, to nullify the entry of spams into the network and subsequently into your mailbox,  Additionally, these providers allow users to set up configuration changes, which sends any spam to a quarantine folder, automatically,  instead of your inbox.

#5 Shared Address Book

The feature of shared address book, as well as a private address book,  is dedicatedly offered by email hosting providers and comes in almost every provider’s email solutions collaboration suite. Additionally, these email hosting providers also offer access to public network directory services, which enable users to use and retrieve information easily. Any mail client that supports LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), also does offer the functionality of shared address book.

The Bottom Line

Every business puts keen focus and efforts to safeguard the financial assets of both the organization and users. To ensure this, email hosting service providers offer multiple security features, so that each and every data transit is accounted for and secure. Additionally, these hosting solutions provide a single, robust platform that streamlines every communication to and fro, between clients and hosting web servers. Offering improved and secure email solutions, dedicated email hosting services, are way better than free webmail, and a necessary factor for businesses and enterprises. At i2k2 Networks, we provide Zimbra mail hosting services that are customised according to corporate needs. To learn more, call us at +91-120-466 3031 or fill our contact form. We love to hear from you.