5 Reasons IceWarp Email Server Should Be Default Enterprise Email Solution

A staggering 144 million emails are sent every second across the globe, which illustrates the increasing dependency of businesses and individuals on email communication. Every organization, big or small, relies on emails to communicate internally and externally. Your email solution, therefore, needs to be robust, scalable, cost-effective, and secure to meet your organizational needs. Given the growing needs of organizations and the abundance of options, finding a reliable email client that meets your organizational needs can be a challenge. One great option is IceWarp email server. It has a plethora of features to make it an excellent email client, without inflating your overheads. The blog post discusses five reasons to choose IceWarp email server as your default email solution.

Why IceWarp Email Server

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5 Reasons IceWarp Email Server Should Be Default Mail Solution for Enterprises –

1. Storage and Database Friendliness

IceWarp email server stores a single copy of an email attachment when a user sends an email to multiple recipients. The files and attachments can be easily accessed over network shares and FTPs, which in turn enables organizations to save substantial storage space when sending large attachments. IceWarp email server also allows users to access public folders with either its built-in web client or other email clients, such as Outlook. It can also connect to a number of databases, whether Microsoft SQL, MySQL, or Oracle; which essentially means users can enjoy all the features of IceWarp email without having to change the hardware or email client.

2. Exceptional Messaging Functionality

Apart from conventional email functions, IceWarp offers a number of extended features, such as instant messaging and VoIP. Users can easily access the IceWarp chat feature, either with the locally installed client or web interface. The email solution also stores a record of the chat history, which means users can always revisit previous chats to access and extract important files and information. It supports leading messaging platforms, whether you need to sync with Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, or Facebook Messenger, and administrators have the freedom to customize the chat network to align it to the needs of the organization. Users can always check and answer emails on their smartphones or any computing device.

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3. Ease of Migration

IceWarp has a plethora of migration tools to help administrators seamlessly migrate messaging data from Exchange or any other email client that’s you use for organizational communication. Similar to coveted email clients, IceWarp supports the auto discovery feature, meaning users need not manually enter the IP address time and again to connect to their mailbox, whether accessing through a desktop or mobile device. All they need to do is key in their credentials and they are good to go. Not only this, IceWarp email server also offers seamless collaboration and communication on any platform, as it is compatible with clients that support CalDAV, CardDAV, WebDAV, SMTP, and IMAP/POP3 protocols .

4. Web Spam Protection

Spam emails are known to clutter mailboxes and waste the organization’s time. IceWarp mail server assists you in fighting and eliminating web spam, with its anti spam module, ensuring only relevant mail makes it to the mailbox. In fact, the IceWarp email server is protected by more than 20 anti spam technologies and an intrusion prevention system. The anti spam technologies immunize your system from spam outbreaks. Apart from spam protection, users have total control of their mailboxes through blacklists, whitelists, spam folders, and quarantine reports.

5. Enhanced Security Protocols

Millions of emails are exchanged every day and you never know when a malicious email attachment containing malware or ransomware pops up in your mailbox. If you use IceWarp email server for your email communication, every file that goes out or comes into your mailbox is scanned for viruses, Trojans, and other malware to ensure your data and systems are protected at all times. IceWarp leverages a custom-built multi-threaded engine to scan files, which possesses the ability to scrutinise over 4,000 emails per second. Apart from meticulously scanning email attachments, a number of other security features, such as intrusion prevention, TLS/SSL certificate, email, and voice encryption ensure nothing goes south with your organisation’s sensitive or confidential information.

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No organization can afford to ignore the importance of a reliable and scalable email client. IceWarp email server is a secure and cost effective solution that can handle thousands of messages per minute without causing any latency issues to business users. The email solution is used in more than 50 countries, with over 100 million users. If you are planning to switch your email solution, i2k2 Networks can help you with every aspect of IceWarp email server installation, migration, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Our knowledgeable and dedicated experts can help you with in-house or cloud deployment of IceWarp mail server. To learn more, fill out our contact form or call us at +91-120-466 3031.